Melinda's Dolls

Melinda Natzel, Reno NV
since 2019

About Melinda's Dolls

Our Service Pledge
I will respond to all orders within 24 hrs and will do my very best to describe my merchandise to the best of my ability. I will disclose anything I know of the item i.e. repairs or damage. I want my customers to be happy with their purchase and will put my best efforts forward to make sure this happens!
About Us
Hello, I'm like you, a doll lover! It began when I was a child and that passion never went away. My favorites are German Pouty Kestner's, especially under 16". I've been collecting seriously for about 20 yrs or so and have been a dealer since 2006. I've promoted doll shows and also attended many others. I've had the pleasure of attending an auction in Paris a few years back! That was special and oh so much fun. I love the history, the art and also the thought that these were children's play things that brought joy and comfort in times of need.
You will see many things in my store including- Dolls, Bears, Clothes and accessories on occasion. I hope you enjoy your browsing. While my collection isn't perfect, it's perfect to me and I will always describe these loved ones to the best of my ability.