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We have a great reputation we've worked hard to attain, and which we do all we can to keep and improve. Please expect response from us within 24 hours, (normally far less).
About Us
I first opened my shop on Ruby Lane in 2006 and remained part of their family until 2018 when our family relocated from Prescott, Arizona to Sarasota, Florida. The years with Ruby Lane were rewarding in so many ways and apparently I have missed it. It's good to be back among peers and have the professional support and backing of Ruby Lane and it's customer service team. As a platinum seller it was an honor to sell, ship and befriend customers around the globe . . . I am not starting over, it's just another exciting new chapter in my life!

I have always been a collector and love history. My education is in the visual arts and architecture. I have always received the encouragement and support of friends and family with all artistic endeavors. Art colored my world, decorated my homes, and fed this artful soul. With 30 years of corporate moves and travels there was always new places to explore. . It was such fun; that is, until we started to think about retiring. I know, everyone has to sooner or later, but downsizing is something that creeps up upon one. It was always tomorrow in my mind but I needed to seriously start thinking about dividing belongs up with the kids, keeping what’s most important to us now, and start to sell off everything else. We were going to have an estate sale and not for a weekend or two. For some people this task is easier said than done. It was a natural for us. . We were not hoarders. Everything had a place and purpose. I decorated, displayed, wore and gifted belongings. There was never any clutter. With 17 house moves discarding was a normal process and keeping only the "good stuff” was the thing to do.

It was in 2006 that I opened a shop with a Ruby Lane which I named Melange-Art, it’s French meaning a collection of things. The estate sale began: fine art, signed prints, art glass / pottery / books / handbags / accessories and, of course, the jewelry. I had a shop full of things to sell and it was exciting. A. short 13 years later I am continuing to shop for the unique to restock my store. . We are MELANGE, a place to peruse, seek and find things of beauty.

STOP, SHOP and CHAT. Haily and I would Love to serve you. Linda Sweeney