Melange Estate Jewelers

Sharon Blakeman (Melange), Bloomingdale IL

Member since 2009

Selling a Variety of Vintage, Estate, & Antique items at Amazing (B2B/Dealer) Prices most times!


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Our Service Pledge
I want to make customers, not just sales! Customers are my business and I will do my best to return emails, answer questions and ship items within 24 hours.
About Us
Hello, my name is Sharon Blakeman, and thanks for looking at my Ruby Lane store! I am an incorporated business, please write checks to: Melange, rather than to me personally , thank you!

I have been in the jewelry industry since 1984, and started my own business, Melange, Inc. in 1998, selling both as a wholesale firm/broker and to the public at less than "retail" prices. (Low overhead allows me that luxury which I can pass along to you) My business philosophy is to work on small margins and turn items quickly, while putting customer service at the forefront. Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I want to make customers, not just sales!

Since I have become more active on Ruby Lane, I have been selling a lot of items directly to dealers and retailers who are turning around and reselling both at wholesale and on Ruby Lane! .. THATS how GOOD my prices are!

I strive to offer unique pieces, and my grading of stones is very conservative. If ever there is a question, I will err on the side of caution. I am a member in good standing of many Jewelry trade organizations, such as the Jewelers Board of Trade, Illinois Jewelers Association, Women's Jewelers Association, Jewelers Ethics Association, a lifetime member of Polygon Trading Network, as well as another half dozen other on-line items, B2B forums AND---my website, (which "for now" use it for a guide for some items use it for Vintage/Estate/Antique. and custom/handmade pieces that I have one myself. (The Website is up, Created in 2008 I haven't TOUCHED it in a year a least, no time! (I need an assistant perhaps?!?) ! but in the middle of revamping it, so I often need to flip a piece and hate to even part with them. but at least I know what the value of what a piece is worth, business to business (B2B) by adding up the parts: metal, diamonds and colored stones) I also have a few "I don't WANT to sell these!" I am not too worried about them going into the furnace! ;)

There are likely items on the website not posted here not listed here... as well as new pieces, which do not fall into Ruby Lanes's parameters of accepted tems for sale) I even have a few "rare" to obtain pieces that a store has had in their display case for 20 or more years that are NEW with tags and THAT old (and also "new" from a maunufacturer but just have been sitting in backstock....Seriously, things that are 40 years old sometimes) (Some of them so well priced that when all is "said & done", I often COULD often likely make more money if I sent to the refiner and then scrap the metal and scrap the gold/ sell the loose diamonds and gemstones separately but there are many items I have not done this to because IMO the pieces I lost often are handmade pieces of "wearable art" I feel sometimes like I am taking a can a spray paint to the Mona Lisa when I have to melt thee pieces down. ......So after the website is done, it will likely have more and/or different items, you can see and appreciate any history or provenance of more items than I have listed here for sale.

So.....while I appreciate and understand that everyone wants to feel that they are getting the "best deal", I price my items at a very small markup and focus on turning them over so I can buy more and sell more. I want my site to be a store, not a "museum"! If you compare the prices I am selling at for like items offered by other vendors, you will already find that they are a great buy. And on the same line, please do not be afraid if things seem "too cheap". I am not misrepresenting grading or the like to make a deal seem sweeter. Again, I am just hoping to make a little and pass along a deal!

Please note: I will NOT be participating in Ruby Lanes "Red Tag Day" Sales events. Why? Because my HIGHEST profit margin is LESS than the lowest "suggested" (30%) discounts offered in these sales!

I do offer layaway, THERE IS A 5% FEE for this service....90 days Maximum (If you ask nicely, I may go 120 on some items. : ) , with a minimum of 25% down and a payment at least every 30 days. To do a layaway, create a purchase order and then EMail me and tell me you wish to do layaway and We will calculate the total and divide it into $X/mo payment, then send a check or I will create a Paypal Invoice for $X to correspond with the down payment. Since I am a one person operation I occasionally make mistakes, so if I forget to email you when your next payment is "due" to arrange the amount; please feel free to email ME a reminder! PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE EVERY 30 DAYS. You can, however, make smaller, more frequent payments. Just email me and tell me to invoice you for $XX. If a payment is "missed" an additional 5% "interest" fee will be added to the remaining balance, calculated per month. Cancellation of a layaway after 7 days will incur a 10% restocking fee. If it appears that the layaway has become "inactive" I will refund your money, less restocking fee of 10% and put the item(s) back in the store. Thank you for your understanding AND for your business!!


Have a great day and thank you for looking at my shop!