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I'm profoundly drawn to gold and gemstones! I realized this while exploring Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum, in Key West Florida. Observing the amazing jewelry found in the museum I become mesmerized by the emeralds, gold bars, and rubies. I have a proclivity to antique dated jewelry that has some historical background. I have a passion for Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian and Deco style pieces. I love to learn, I am constantly expanding my knowledge. I have support from a network of experienced professionals, who partner up with me.These pieces are divine, the essence of beauty, crafted by human hands, divested from the earth, not lost to the eons of time"

I was fanatic about entering the rewarding entrepreneur realm. With unfathomable feelings to be independent, innate desires, a knack for sales and a passion for antiques; it led me to e-commerce. I am absolutely obsessed with old things, at a young age I discovered an unfounded proclivity to old items. This infatuation stems from a desire to learn and love different time periods. The music, the people, the encapsulation of moments, for me, is the only way to travel far into the past. At 22 years old, I found myself in love with old jewelry. Then I discovered gold and precious stones, I’ve been a treasure hunter addicted to the chase, to find my time traveling machine; antiques. Okay, that was a joke, but I am profoundly drawn to the past and want to share my finds to all the retrophiles. You will probably find me somewhere, hunting jewelry and listening to 6th-century Gregorian chant music.