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Glass 150
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Amber Glass, Bud Vase, Eapg
Amber Glass, Fairy Lamp, Diamond Point, Indiana Glass Co
Amber Glass, Vase
American Brilliant, Cut Glass, Serving Bowl
American Brilliant, Hobstar, Button, Bowl
Anchor Hocking, Amber Glass, Bon Bon Dish, Star/Fan Pattern
Anchor Hocking, Berwick, Boopie, Champagne, Sherbet
Anchor Hocking, Boopie Glass, Candlewick
Anchor Hocking, Fire King, Milk Glass
Anchor Hocking, Milano, Honey Gold, Tumbler
Anchor Hocking, Milk Glass, Golden Anniversary, Relish Dish
Anchor Hocking, Milk Glass, Grape & Leaf Pattern, Grapes Pattern, Center Bowl
Anchor Hocking, Oven-proof, Bowl, Yellow
Anchor Hocking, Prescut Glass
Anchor Hocking, Stars And Bars, Open Sugar
Anchor Hocking, Vase, Forest Green Glass, Gold Leaf Design
Anchor Hocking, Wexford, Crystal, Salad Bowl
Ashtray, Anchor Hocking, W142, 1950's, Milk Glass
Avon, Bicentennial, Collector Plate
Block Crystal, Fruit Bowl, Art Glass Hat
Blown Glass, Green, Bowl, Quilted
Bubble Glass, Anchor Hocking, Ashtray, Coaster
By Function
By Maker
Anchor Hocking, Beer Boot, Pressed Glass
Anchor Hocking, Green Glass, Ball Vase, Gemstone
Anchor Hocking, Juice Reamer, 1930's, Crystal, Ribbed
Anchor Hocking, Prescut, Eapg, Pickle Dish
Anchor Hocking, Prescut, Eapg, Scalloped Bowl
Anchor Hocking, Prescut, Eapg, Snack Plate
Anchor Hocking, Snack Plate, Wexford
Anchor Hocking, Stars & Bars, Divided Relish, Crystal
Anchor Hocking
Brockway Glass Co., American Concord, Amber Glass, Tumbler
Chance Glass
Federal Glass Co., Depression Glass, Plates, Columbia Pattern
Federal Glass Mixing Bowl Heat Proof Milk Glass
Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Mixing Bowl 1950's
Hazel Atlas, Snack Cup, Atc3, Crystal
Hoosier Glass, Bud Vase, Starburst, Milk Glass, 4063 8
Libbey Glass, Candy Dish, Stacking
Mosser, Cake Plate, Handled Plate
Murano, Vase, 1960
Murano, Vase, Star
Owens Illinois Perfume Bottle
Peltier Glass Co., Candlestick Holder, Crystal, Pressed Glass

By Type
Carnival Glass, Indiana Glass Co., Open Sugar, Creamer, Heirloom
Chip & Dip, Green Glass
Cranberry, Flashed, Juice Glass
Creamer, Open Sugar, Etched, Panel, Crystal
Crystal House, Candlestick Holders, Sapphire
Crystal, Ashtray, Star
Crystal, Candlestick Holder, Mini
Crystal, Champagne Flute, Amber Glass, Cross Hatch Stem
Cut Glass, Bowl, Silverplate, England
Cut Glass, German, Decanter
Cut Glass, Relish Dish, Silverplate
Depression Glass, Indiana Glass Co., Pineapple & Floral, Compote
Dominion Glass Co., Relish Tray, Pressed Glass
Eapg, Anchor Hocking, Creamer & Sugar, Star & Fan, 1960's
Eapg, Anchor Hocking, Cruet, Star & Fan
Eapg, Berry Bowl, Oatmeal Pattern, Premium
Eapg, Candle Stick Holder, Votive Candle Holder
Eapg, Candlestick Holder
Eapg, Candlestick Holder, Star, Crystal
Eapg, Creamer, Anchor Hocking
Eapg, Oatmeal Pattern, Jelly Glasses
Eapg, U.S. Glass Co., Texas Loop, State Series, 1890's
Eapg, Wine Decanter
Fenton, Crystal, Birthday Bear, July
Fenton, Milk Glass, Hobnail, Nut Dish
Fenton, Milk Glass, Nut Compote, Hobnail
Flower Frog, 16 Hole, 1960
France, Cut Glass, Compote
Goblet, Cranberry Flash Glass, Thumbprint
Hazel Atlas, Capri, Colony, Bon Bon Dish
Hazel Atlas, Milk Pitcher, Cream Pitcher
Hazel Atlas
Heisey, Colonial Star, Nappy
Hobnail, Vase
Hofbauer, Byrdes, Salt Cellar, Cut Crystal, German
Imperial Glass Co., Depression Glass, Sugar
Imperial Glass, Cape Cod, Handled Bowl
Indiana Glass Co., Diamond Point, Amber Glass, Votive
Indiana Glass Co., Diamond Point, Candy Box
Indiana Glass Co., Diamond Point, Cereal Bowl, Crystal
Indiana Glass Co., Green Glass, Relish Dish, Killarney
Indiana Glass Co., Oval Star Pattern, E A P G, Toy Tumbler
Indiana Glass Co., Wine Glass, Park Lane
Indiana Glass, Amber Glass, Mt. Vernon, Candy Dish
Indiana Glass, Carnival Glass, Pretzel Pattern, Celery Dish
Indiana Glass, Celery Dish, Pretzel Pattern
Indiana Glass, Crystal Happenings, Relish Tray
Indiana Glass, Oleander, Willow, Magnolia
Indiana Glass, Red Flash, Fairy Lamp, 1960's
Indiana Glass, Relish Dish, Pressed Glass
Insulator, Hemingray, 42, Cd 154, Bright Blue, Clear
Jeannette Glass, Depression Glass, Iris Pattern, Double Candlestick
Jelly Jar Glass, Looney Tunes, Warner Bros., Sylvester, Tweety
Kig Indonesia, Pedestal Bowl, Embossed Roses
L.E. Smith, Brides Basket, Crystal, Cut Glass
Libby Glass, Sundae Dish, Malt Shop
Libby, Tumblers, Drinking Glasses, 1960's
Martini Glass
Mckee Glass Co., Glasbake, Custard Cup
Mckee Glass, Creamer, Quintec, Pres Cut
Milk Glass, Anchor Hocking, Low Bowl, Grape Leaf Pattern
Milk Glass, Fire King
Norleans,Satin Glass, Hand Painted, Vase
Olive Green, Cereal / Salad / Dessert Bowls
Olive Green, Mug, Snack Plate
Open Sugar, Depression Glass, Swirl
Paperweight, Blown Glass, Bear
Pedestal Bowl
Pressed Glass, Amber Glass, Hanging Planter
Pressed Glass, Daisy & Button, Top Hat
Pressed Glass, Eapg, Covered Bowl
Pressed Glass, Fan Vase
Pressed Glass, Mini Creamer, Child's Toy
Pressed Glass, Pedestal Bowl, Compote
Pressed Glass, Wedding Ring Pattern, Amber Glass
Princess House, Drink Mixer
Relish Dish, 1940
Ruby Red, Arcoroc
Sandwich Glass, Indiana Glass Co., Open Sugar Bowl
Satin Glass, Hand Painted, Vase
Sundae Dish, Pedestal, Ice Cream Dish
U.S. Glass Co., Spooner, State Pattern, Pennsylvania
Vase, Frosted Glass
Vase, Milk Glass, Hobnail, E.O. Brody
Wexford, Anchor Hocking Glass Company, Pint Pitcher
Wexford, Anchor Hocking, Sugar Pail
Wexford, Footed Dish, Anchor Hocking
Working Glass, K I G Indonesia
Show All Porcelain & Pottery
Ardco, Dallas, Made In Japan, Egg Vase
Art Pottery
Ashtray, Matchbook Holder, Violets, Japan
Bavaria, Schumann, China, Betsy Ross
Blue Ridge Porcelain & Pottery, Saucers, Pink Flowers
Bone China, England, Royal Vale, Pink Cornflowers, Tea Cup, Saucer
Bone China, Shelley China, Dainty Blue, England
Bowl, Rose, Gold Trim, Black Stem
Butter Pat, German, Floral
By Function
By Maker
By Place Of Origin
Cake Plate, Hand Painted, Floral
California Porcelain & Pottery, Sequoia Ware, 1960's, Leaf Dish, Divided Dish
California Porcelain & Pottery, Treasure Craft, Bank, Bear
California Porcelain & Pottery, Vernon Kilns, Mojave, Split Vegetable Dish
Cartoon, New Devon, Newton Abbot, England
Center Bowl
Chikaramachi, Noritake, Plate, Circa 1928, Sailboat
China, Dinnerware, Oval Platter, Flowers
Collector Plate, Precious Moments, Birthday Plate, May
Covered Casserole, Edwin M. Knowles, Utility Ware
Creamer, Czechoslovakia, Golden Pheasant, Bird Of Paradise
Cronin China, Zephyr, Serving Bowl
Decorative & Figurines
Deer Planter, Cameron Clay Porcelain & Pottery
Dinnerware, Edwin M. Knowles, Floral, Plate
Dresser Tray
Duck, Duckling, Planter
Enesco, Japan, Duck, Wall Plaque
Enesco, Praying, Figurines, Religious
Ewer, Hand Painted, Applied Roses
Figurine, Dog, Hound Dog
Figurine, Made In Japan, 1950's
Fire King, Premium Gift
Fruit Plate, Japan
Haeger, Planter, Shell, Usa
Hagen Renaker, Miniature, Skunk
Hall China, Dinnerware
Hall, Au Gratin Dish
Hand Painted, Porcelain & Pottery Flower, Japan, Red Wreath Mark
Holland, Holiday, Hand Painted, Flowers
Howard Pierce, Quail
Hutschenreuther Selb, Bavaria, Favorit
James Kent, Rosalynde, Nut Dish, England
Lane And Co., California Porcelain & Pottery, Swan, Planter
Lefton, China, Coffee Mug, Floral
Lefton, Fish, 1950's
Limoges, Saucer, Forget Me Nots
Limoges, Vignaud Freres, Pedestal Bowl
Lusterware, Japan, Bowl, Floral Center
Maddux, California Porcelain & Pottery, Center Bowl, Pipe Ashtray
Made In German, Porzellanfabrik Arzberg/Bayern, Hand Painted
Made In Germany, Pigs, Toothpick Holder, Hat
Made In Germany, Powder Bowl
Made In Japan, 1940's, Rice Bowl, Hand Painted
Made In Japan, Hand Painted, Vase
Made In Japan, Souvenir, New Orleans
Mayer China, Milk Pitcher
Meito China, Hand Painted, Japan, 1930's, Sailboat
Meito China, Hand Painted, Noritake, 1930's, Bridge
Nippon, Master Salt, Blue Bird
Norcrest, Fine China, Compote, Bon Bon
Norleans, Japan, Trinket Dish
Omc, Sake Pitcher, Hand Painted, Japan, 1960's
Open Salt, Occupied Japan, Phoenix Birds
Oriental Figurine, Geisha, Hand Painted
Paden City, Moss Rose, Dinnerware
Pitcher And Bowl, Pheasants, Made In Japan
Precious Moments, Collector Plate, Birthday Plate, July
Red Wing, Blue Luster, Bowl
Ring Holder Floral Made In China
Rosenthal, Bavaria, Sylvia, Handled Bowl
Rosenthal, Germany, Vase
Roses, Mini Sugar & Creamer
Rs Germany, Creamer, Forget Me Nots, Marked
Sad Iron, Flower Pot, Mini
Sake Bottle, Japanese Porcelain & Pottery
Sears, Roebuck & Co., Ironstone, Octagon Amber, 4567
Seltmann, Bavaria, Cora, Coffee Pot
Serving Bowl, Green Rose, Promotional Item, 1950's
Shafford, Hand Painted, Bird Wall Plates
Shoe, Bootie, Hand Painted, Victorian
Stoneware, Sweden, Rorstrand, Maya, Dinnerware
Swans, Trinket Box
Toothpick Holder, Victorian Woman, Japan
Transfer Ware, Johnson Bros. , England, Tulip Time, Creamer
Triumph, Limoges, Serenade
Upper Hanley, Victoria, Court Shape, Dinner Plate
Vase, Hand Painted, Made In Japan, Floral
Vintage Car, Coaster Set
Vintage, Cake Plate, Tab Handles, Gold Decoration
Vintage, Stoneware, Ramekin
Wall Plaques, Colonial Couple, Made In Korea
Wbi, Made In China, Vase
Weeping Gold, Dixon Art Studios, 1950's, Candy Bowl
Show All Vintage Collectibles
Art Glass, Center Bowl, Swirl
Avon Decanter
Bird Whistle, Toy, Music
Bird, Porcelain, Hand Painted, Figurine
Anacin, Brown Glass, Owens Illinois Glass Co., 1942
Avon Decanter, Pheasant
Avon Fire Hydrant Decanter Cologne
Avon, Candle Jar
Avon, Christmas Candle, Charisma Cologne
Avon, Christmas Stocking, Charisma Cologne
Avon, Decanter, Flamingo
Avon, Occur Cologne, Christmas, Bells
Avon, Odyssey Cologne, Christmas Tree
Avon, Yuletree, Christmas Tree, Field Flowers Cologne
Brown Glass, Franklin Products
Cobalt Blue, Bottle, Hazel Atlas
Good Seasons, Cruet, 1970's
Hires Root Beer, Extract, Owens Illinois, 1970's
Ink Bottle, Inkwell, Skrip, Sheaffer's, 1950's
Jim Beam, Decanter, Milk Glass, Glass Series
Liquor, Decanter, Whiskey, Tree Of Life, Anchor Hocking
Listerine, Owens Illinois Glass, Lambert Pharmacal
Milk Bottle, 1 Pint, Glass, Springdale Dairy, Thatcher Manufacturing Co
Milk Bottle, Lamb Glass Company, 1931, Minnesota
Milk Bottle, Liberty Glass Co., 1942, Half Pint
Milk Bottle, Quart, Glass, Round, Owens Illinois
Milk Bottle, Quart, Glass, Thatcher Manufacturing Co., Square
Milk Bottle, Thatcher Manufacturing Company, 1939
Mold Blown, Cylinder, Clear, Medicine
Owens Bottle Co., Aqua Glass, 1928
Owens Illinois Glass, Frosted Bar Bottle, 1960
Owens Illinois, Brown Glass, Medicine
Owens Illinois, Duraglas, Milk Bottle, 1948
Owens-illinois Glass Co., Brown Glass, Ribbed, 1937, Medicine
Perfume, Scent
Pop, Soda, 7 Up, Quart, 1976
Pop, Soda, 7 Up, Quart, 1981
Seagrams, Decanter, Tax Stamp
Squirt, 10 Ounce, Pop, Soda
Wheaton, Union, Flask, Green Glass

Bow Maker, Bow Master, 1960's
Bulb Vase, Ceramic, 1960's
Candle Mold, Snap-it, Snowman
Ceramic, Himark, Mold, Rocking Horse, Japan
Clocks, Timepieces
Coins, Currency
Decorative Arts
Dinnerware, Antique Ivory, Plates, Floral
Dinnerware, Antique Ivory, Soup Bowl, Floral
Door Knocker Cherubs North Wind Mask Cast Iron 1930's
Egg, Hand Painted, Decorated Egg, Glass Case
Figurine, Cat, Kitten, Japan
Folk Art
Hamilton Beach, New Life Vibrator, Quack Medical Device, 1920's
Hand Carved, Tray, India
Hand Painted, Velvet Painting, Flowers
Hazel Atlas, Milk Glass, Diamond Squares
Holiday, Seasonal
Holly Hobbie, Mother's Day Plate, 1976
Ivory Empress, Telephone, American Telecommunications
J & G Meakin, Hanley, England, Concord, Ironstone China, 1890's
Jeanette Glass, Floragold Compote
Kitchen Ware, Federal Glass, Juice Pitcher, 1950's, Texas Star
Anchor Hocking, Soreno, Avocado Green, Fruit/Dessert Bowl
Atlas, Strong Shoulder, Mason, Canning Jar
Atomic, Coffee Carafe, 1950's
Ball Jar, Perfect Mason, Quart
Blendo, Pitcher, 1950's
Book Holder, Bible, Cookbook, Hand Carved
Brass, 1950's, Coffee Pot, Sugar Bowl
Brass, Stainless Steel, Egg Beater, 1940
Browne Line Perfect, Can Opener, Claw, Wooden Handle
Cake Decorator, 1940's, 1950's, Aluminum
Cake N Mold, Aluminum Mold, A Le Nard Product
Cake Separator
Canning Jar, Ball, Perfect Mason
Ceramic, Sugar Shakers, Strawberry
Cheese Slicer Metal Wire 1940's
Chopper, Kenberry, 1950's, Usa
Cookie Cutters, Stanley Home Products, 1960's
Corelle, Dinner Plate, Morning Blue, Corning
Dept 56, Treillage, Serving Tray, Metal, Duck
Dept. 56, Treillage, Cake Plate, China
Dinnerware, Pfaltzgraff, Village Pattern, Tableware, Saucer
Douglas Glass, Coffee Carafe, 1950's
Egg Beater, 1950
Enamel Ware, Teapot, Granite Ware
Federal Glass, Milk Glass, Irish Coffee Mug, Spice Of Life
Federal Glass, Syrup Pitcher
Flatware, Knives, Serrated, Utica, Stainless, China, Dominion
Flatware, Oneidacraft Deluxe, Chateau
Flatware, Serving Spoon, Normandy, Roses
Foley, Juicer, Aluminum
Food Chopper, Nut Chopper, Skippy
Food Grinder, L F & C
French Fry Cutter, Kitchen Tools
Genuine Melamine, Coffee Cups, 1950's
Glassware, Pyrex, Mixing Bowl, Amish, Butterprint
Granite Ware, Enamel Ware, Corona, Roaster, 1903
Granite Ware, Enamel Ware, Skillet, Metalware
Hampton Silversmiths, Bistro, Salad Fork, China
Hazel Atlas, 1 Gallon Square Jar, Canister
Hazel Atlas, Milk Glass, Pitcher
Hazel Atlas, Wave, Canister, 1 Gallon Jar
Hb Co., Heather, Fork, Stainless
Imperial, Stainless, Korea, Serta, Flatware, Serving Pieces
Johnson Bros., England, Gravy Boat, Violets
Juice Glass, Gilbert Plastics, Kenilworth, Nj, 1950's
Kerr, Self Sealing, Canning Jar, 2 Quart
Kromex, Tidbit Tray
Lincoln Beautyware, Breadbox, 1950's
Lincoln, Beautyware, Canisters, Stackable, 1950's
Melmac, 1950's, Dessert Plate, Plate, Blue Flowers
Melmac, Royalon, Corsage, Dinnerware
Metal Ware, Muffin Pan, Uap, Muffinaire
Metalware, Cake & Cookie Cutter, Flower
Metalware, Food Chopper, Double Blade, 1940's
Metalware, Jello Molds, Mini, 1940
Metalware, Skimmer, 1940's
Metalware, Tart Molds, Heart, Aluminum, 1950's
Metalware, Wear-ever, Aluminum, Angle Food Cake Pan
Mount Clemens, Dinnerware, Cake Plate, Dessert Plate, 1934, Petalware
Noritake, China, Traviata, Sugar Bowl
Ohio Art, Recipe Box, 1950's
Oneida, All American, Salad Fork, Glen Cove
Oneida, Applique, Spoon, Stainless
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Casserole Spoon, Flatware
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Cocktail Fork, Seafood Fork, Flatware
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Cold Meat Serving Fork, Flatware
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Dinner Knife, Flatware
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Gravy Ladle, Flatware
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Iced Tea Spoon, Flatware
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Individual Salad Fork , Flatware
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Pierced Jelly Spoon , Flatware
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Pierced Pie Server , Flatware
Oneida, Community, My Rose, Pierced Serving Spoon, Flatware
Oneida, Community, Twin Star, Oval Spoon
Oneida, Delco 15, Windsor, Fork
Oneida, Delco 40, Windsor, Fork
Oneida, Delco, Belmore, Teaspoon
Oneida, Post Road, Northland, Fork, Spoon, China
Oneida, Stainless, Community, Peter Rabbit, Infant Spoon, Baby
Ovenware, Crown, Pie Plate, South Western
Pie Jagger, Kitchen Tool
Pie Jagger, Pie Cutter, Kitchen Tools
Porcelain, Milk Can, Utensil Holder
Restraware, Melamine, Dinnerware, 1960's
Revere Ware, Tea Kettle, Whistling, Metalware
Rosette, Tart, Mold, 1950's
Royal Baroque, Imperial International, Silverware, Flatware, Holloware, Korea
Salesman Sample, Granite Ware, Enamel Ware, Spoon
Sauce Dish, Bowl, Hand Painted, Gold Trim
Sauce Jars, Cocktail Sauce Jar, Spaghetti Sauce Jar
Saucers, Bachelor Button, Taylor Smith Taylor
Serving Platter, Dixie Dogwood, Joni
Silverware, Flatware, Bali, Nasco, Japan
Stoneware, Brambleberry, Saucer, Cumberland, Japan
Sugar Spoon, Evanstan, Cambridge Silversmiths
Syracuse China, 1913, Nutmeg Pattern, Bowl
Syrup Dispenser
Tea Infuser Acorn Aluminum
Trivet, Pro-tex, Vintage Automobiles
Tupperware, Sporks
White Dover, Ironstone, Homer Laughlin, Chop Plate
Wm Rogers & Son Aa, International Silver, Olive Spoon, 1925 Triumph Pattern
Wood, Knife Holder, 1960's, Nevco

Lady Sunbeam, 1950's, Electric Razor
Lamps, Lighting
Lead Crystal, Candlestick Holder, Yugoslavia
Leonard, Silverplate, Lotus Bowl
Magazines, Periodicals
Aluminum, Berry Bucket, 1950's
Aluminum, Egg Poacher, 1950's
Aluminum, Jello Mold, Heart, 1950's
Aluminum, Jello Mold, Mirro, Melon
Aluminum, Jello Mold, Wear-ever
Aluminum, Mirro, Dinner Roll Basket
Aluminum, Pitcher, Wax Pourer, 2 Quart
Aluminum, Vase, Ball Vase, Yellow
Andrea By Sadek, Brass, Pineapple Dish
Brass Basket, India
Brass, Basket
Brass, Birds, Cardinals, Figurine
Brass, Candlestick Holder
Brass, Candlestick, Twist
Brass, Candlesticks, Made In India
Brass, Charger, India
Brass, Etched, India, Birds, Flowers
Brass, Etched, Miniature, Vase, India
Brass, Fruit Basket, Basket
Brass, Made In India, Vase
Brass, Pitcher, India, Etched
Brass, Planter
Brass, Planter, India
Brass, Planters, India
Brass, Souvenir, Wall Plate, Mexico, Mayan Calendar, Hand Painted
Buenilum, Aluminum, Handwrought, Handled Bowl
Cake Pan, Angle Food, Aluminum
Candle Mold, Pourette
Cast Iron, Urn, Planter, Garden
Chapel In The Hills, South Dakota, Souvenir, Etched Plate
Chrome, Casserole Holder, J. Mara Specialty Co
Coasters, Silver Plate, Grecian
Coasters, Stanley Home Products, Advertising
Collectible Tin, Hills Brothers, Coffee Tin, 1970, State Flags
Collectible Tin, Millennium, 2000
Collectible Tin, Santa, Christmas, Trails End, Boy Scouts, Popcorn
Cookie Cutter, Tin, 6 Point Star, Handmade
Copper, Pitcher, Miniature
Copper, Warming Pan
Crumb Tray, 1900's, Aluminum
Daher, Decorated Ware, England, Bowl
Daher, Decorated Ware, Made In Holland, Tin Tray, Oval
Dutch Boy Dutch Girl Tin Litho Canister 1950
Dutch, Boy & Girl, Serving Tray, Metal Tray
Enamelware, Graniteware, Coffee Cup, Speckled
Enamelware, Graniteware, Teapot, Grey Speckled
Etched Aluminum, Tray, Norway, Floybanen, Souvenir
F. B. Rogers Silver Co., Silverplate, Tray
Fairfield, Dish Towel Holder, Chrome, 3 Arm, 1950's
Fire Extinguisher, Red Top, Brass, Copper
Fruit, Embossed, Bloom Hill Farm, Collectible Tin
Germany, Ep Brass, Wmf
Granite Ware, Enamel Ware, Mixing Bowl
Granite Ware, Enamel Ware
Granite Ware, Enamelware, Bowl, Flowers
Hammered Aluminum, Nut Dish, Bon Bon Dish
Hammered Brass, Fruit Bowl, Made In India
Hand Forged, Aluminum, Round Tray, Fruit Tray
Interpur, Italy, Candlestick Holder, Candelabra
Iron, Cast Iron
Jello/Cake Mold, Nordic Ware, Christmas Tree, Aluminum
Kitchenware, Brer Rabbit, Syrup Tin, Syrup Can
Kitchenware, Copper Mold, Jello Mold, Aluminum
Kitchenware, Corning Ware, Trivet
Kitchenware, Corning, Trivet
Kitchenware, Spoon, Serving, Metal, Scroll, 1940's
Kitchenware, Tea Strainer, Hong Kong, Stainless Steel
Manning Bowman, Means Best, Reticulated Plate
Mirro, Aluminum, Teapot, 1923
Mold, Tin, Fluted, West Germany
Old Hall, Stainless Steal, Robert Welch, England
Pewter, Plate, Charger, Castle, Shield
Picture Frame, Floral
Rodney Kent, Hand Wrought, Tulip Pattern
Royal Dolphin, Stainless Steel, 18-8, Japan, Gravy Boat
Salt Shaker, W. B. Mfg. Co., Silver Plate
Serving Tray, Grapes, 1960's
Silverplate, Fb Rogers Silver Co., Bread Tray
Snack Trays, Roses
Souvenir, State Tray, Tin Litho, Colorado
State Tray, Tin Litho, Souvenir, Wisconsin
Tin Litho Tray, Arizona, Souvenir
Tin Litho Tray, Souvenir, Texas
Tin Litho, State Tray, Souvenir, Minnesota
Vanity Item, Mesh, Metal, Trinket Box
Vogue, Flower Frog, Floral
Wall Pocket, Brass Relief, English Pub, England

Mount Vernon, Avon, George & Martha Washington, Cobalt Blue, Plate
Olde Chelsea, Staffordshire England, Myott, Dinnerware
Orchard Ware, California Pottery, Hand Painted, Dinner Plate
Paintings, Prints
Pewter, Chamberstick, Candle Stick Holder
Planter, Urn, E-2666, Mini
Porcelain, Doll, Japan, China, Bonnet, Red Mark
Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy, Watering Can, Porcelain, 1976
Record, 33 1/3, Gospel Music, Flame Records, Revival Fires
Reed & Barton
Royal Staffordshire, 1984, Calendar Plate, Zodiac
Royal Staffordshire, Calendar Plate, 1965, Zodiac
Salt, Pepper Shakers
Silver Plate, Bon Bon Dish, Lawrence B. Smith Co
Silver Plate, International Silver Co., Chippendale Veg. Bowl
Silverplate, Footed Platter, Meat Platter
Silverware, Flatware, Chest, Box
Souvenir, 1962 World's Fair, Pin Dish
Swan, Opalescent, Planter, Mini
Tea Pots
Vanity Items
Wood & Sons, England, Dinnerware, Gay Day, Saucer
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L.E. Smith Crystal Brides Basket with Applied Handle
L.E. Smith Crystal Brides Basket with Applied Handle
$68 USD

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