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Marcia Southwick, Santa Fe NM
We are excited to introduce our B.Bold VINTAGE Collection. Plus more original designs by Marcia. Happy Spring!!
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About B.BOLD Jewelry for Boomer Girls

Our Service Pledge
Our goal is customer satisfaction. We respond to orders within 24 hours. It is extremely helpful, if you include ring and/or wrist size in "comments" when making your purchase. Please email my shop with any questions or specific requests. We pledge to do our very best to accommodate you. You are always at the center of our attention. In fact, we worship you!
About Us
I'm a poet. A wordsmith. An explorer of beauty. And a retired creative writing Professor who is having a blast exploring fine silver, design and colors of the high desert in my B.Bold Jewelry Studio in Santa Fe, NM. Our company will contribute 100% of profits from your purchase to advertising our sister site, Boomers Against Elder Abuse which exposes a little known form of court-sanctioned and devastating elder abuse. Just mention the code BAEA to contribute. We also give micro-loans, through Kiva, to struggling women entrepreneurs throughout South America.

B.Bold Style for Boomer Girls is to pair a basic wardrobe with beautiful jewelry. Or mix it up with funky patterns and textures. Tone it down with silver. Dress it up with turquoise. Well you get the idea. Whatever YOUR style. . .we can help.

Our B.Bold Jewelry COLLECTIONS: Wedding, Fine Silver, Chimayo, Athena and Debutante Biker/Cowgirl really go great with jeans and a white linen shirt. Or orange or turquoise or red. Whatever your color or sense of style B.Bold Jewelry has got you covered. I hope that this fun, fanciful and classic jewelry will do for you what it does for me-- remind me I'm still a beautiful vibrant woman, just like you! Life is always beginning!! So kick it up a notch and get shopping.

Scroll down to read our amazing customer testimonials below, and shop with confidence.

Best wishes-- Marcia Southwick



"Thank You Once Again! I received the earrings yesterday
afternoon and they are really pretty! And the perfect length for
something a little longer than I usually wear, but not too long
and not too heavy.... I'm glad that this was the pair that I had
chosen for myself. (Most - if not all until now - have been
gifts for my sister and friends.) I wanted to also thank you for
enclosing yet another pair of earrings for me. Your special gift
is quite pretty, too, for summer wear. We are having a "garden
lunch" for two friends next week. I'll be hard-pressed to decide
which pair to wear that day. Warm regards, Dawne"

"Hi Marcia -- The lampwork bead bracelets arrived (yes, both of
them and the great, great earrings. ) Just wonderful. I've
recently been released from the hospital and rehab following
emergency surgery and I must say shopping your store has
been the best therapy. Its fun and always brightens my day. The
only thing better is wearing your pieces. As I've gotten better
and stronger. . . . I'm very grateful and know how lucky I am. I wanted to
tell you that I believe the enjoyment I've gotten from your
pieces has actually played a part in my recovery. Thank you,
thank you. Phyllis

"Marcia! My necklace is fabulous!!! Even prettier than the pictures. Thank you for sending it so quickly. I had too many compliments to count today. You are a wonderful artisan. Wish I could afford to purchase ALL of your jewelry. Thank you thank
you! And thank you for the pretty gift wrap and the extra gifts. Also love the gold earrings that I purchased last week."--NANCY

"I look elsewhere for jewelry gifts but I come back to you. I am never satisfied with what others offer. You seem to put your soul into your designs. They beckon--Sharon

"Y'all are the BEST! I ordered a pair of Athena coin earrings from you and got them today. First, I'll say I LOVE them - they feel amazing, good weight, color, design. But it wasn't just the earrings... after I ordered, I got an email saying you had a cheaper, faster way to send them and i was refunded $4. Serious? That's old school customer service, from back when people cared about other people and it's a passion of mine to see it come back! Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity... AWESOME service, great product. I will be back for certain "--Amy

"Marcia, We definitely need to clone you and that precious creative mind of yours!
More unreal bracelets....better...and better....and WOW! I love to watch what's new"--

"The PERFECT bracelet arrived today along with the beautiful earrings...love both of them and thank you so much for being so quick and I am looking forward to wearing both of them. The earrings were a real surprise and I love the design...reminds me of Santa Fe and they really are outstanding. Take care and again, many thanks for everything...you are so amazing! I will always treasure the jewelry you have made for me. Take care..." Linda

"Thank you again, very much, for letting me use layaway. I'm so happy to have the bracelet and I just love it. It's comfortable and feels just right on me and for me. Just my style. And I want to say I enjoyed the presentation ~ gorgeous wrapping paper, and thanks so much for the little extra gift! I actually collect heart-shaped things, both found and made, and furthermore turquoise and greens are my favorite colors. So thoughtful. I know I'll enjoy this bracelet enormously and I will definitely be telling friends to check your store out. I'll be back for more when I can afford!"
All the best to you, Colleen

"Dear Marcia, The silver stacking rings arrived at the end of last week and I cannot take them off! I am beyond thrilled with them and the fit is perfect. I cannot thank you enough for all your work and artistic expertise. They truly are going to be an everyday item for me.The lovely bracelet was an unexpected and welcome surprise. I want to thank you again and you may be certain that I will be back soon to get another beautiful jewelry fix! Have a great summer! Deb

Dear Marcia-- You need to know: Today I wore a long sleeve brown tee shirt and a pair of faded jeans. The accessory was my cowgirl charm necklace, horse, heart, dove, cross and wing. Wow... it is so special. There is nothing like it. It is my treasure."--Sharon

"Dear Marcia, Just wanted to let you know how much I love your beautiful & unique creations! Of course you could probably discern that with my increasing collection of your religious symbol pieces. I just returned from an Annual conference with other pastors & received loads of compliments. These ladies are like minded in that just because you are a minister does not mean you have to look drab & dowdy! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful work." Most Sincerely, Rev. Terri

"Marcia: I just wanted you to know that I received my flower and butterfly heart earrings and I LOVE THEM!!! They are just beautiful. I received so many compliments on them. I told everyone that asked to go to your website and order or to at least "like" you on facebook. Thanks so much for the quick service and for such great quality jewelry. Truly satisfied in Tennessee!" Malinda

"Marcia is a consummate professional. Not only does she have the talent and vision to create original, fresh designs, but her customer service skills are superior to anyone's I've encountered. She makes me feel like I'm the most important person in her life and that catering to my needs and whims are her first and only priority. No accommodation is too small. She gives me time. She's flexible. She's generous. She's amazing. She makes me feel special and it makes me want to come back to her again and again. She must be very organized, because she juggles many hats and seems to wear them all seamlessly. I wear her treasures with great pride and have a special bond with her pieces because she genuinely cares about pleasing her customers. I feel like, "Hey, am I a celebrity or something!" She's the best Ruby Lane has."-- Lynne

"I can't believe how fast you are with processing orders. Your workmanship and designs are second to none. I'm so glad I found your website!"-- Annette

"Gee Marcia...when I wear my bracelets I feel like a queen...they are so unique, so beautiful. I just gotta thank you again"--Sharon

"I recently ordered the stacks rings and to my amazement Marcia emailed me to confirm the order then said that I would have them by Wedensday; three days later they arrived. I ripped open the package to find this beautifully wrapped bag a note and a gift of earrings.I want to tell you how wonderful the rings are and they were wrapped beautifully and the extra little gift made me feel beautiful"--Barbara

From our Facebook Page: "If you have ever wanted to treat yourself to the most beautiful and extraordinary jewelry pieces, B. Bold Jewelry will overwhelm you. As most of you know, I am passionate about jewelry. Marcia Southwick is a master artist. Each piece is so unique, well made and definitely a show stopper. I can't think of any purchase (even shoes!) I have made that creates such a smile of excitement when I receive it. My dilemma is always which piece to wear; they are all so versatile and priced so affordably. Ladies, it is the Holiday Season.....be good to you!!!"-- Carol

From our Facebook Page: "Anything purchased from B.Bold is well worth the investment. Each item I have bought is a work of art, mostly one-of-a-kind, and has received many compliments. Do yourself a favor, girls, and not only like this site (facebook page) but buy something. You will be glad you did!"--Anna

"Thank you so much, Marcia! It is exquisite! You have done such a beautiful job and the whole bracelet is just so elegant. Luckily I have a shindig in December and am really excited to have this to wear!"--Sally

"My first purchase arrived today and I was totally blown away by the special packaging and inclusion of the friendship bracelet. In this day and age when most transactions are so mechanical...a series of clicks on-line...the personal touches are so surprising and uplifting. At most shops gift wrap is optional, or only available at a extra fee, so thank you for making me feel like a valued customer."

"I bought the most beautiful bracelet a few months back. This was after searching the contiguous US (LOL) for the perfect color/style to match my dress and jacket. IT IS PERFECTION!!! The unique styles, craftmanship and personalization that Marcia puts into every piece, is unmatched. B.Bold Jewelry for Boomer Girls is a "TRUE" shopping experience of sheer delight!!! My testimonial could not say enough about the positive experience -- thank you, Marcia!!!-- Carol

From a facebook weekly giveaway winner: "I really appreciate the special touches & care involved. It was like getting 3 prizes in 1! 1st the box then the gift wrapped box & then the bonus the necklace wrapped with pink tissue paper & tucked inside a pretty black organza bag nestled in the box. . . You went the extra mile & exceeded my expectations. From my experience a lot of companies would of crammed the gift prize in a bag/box & often without a note or card & sent it out. And that would of been that. Thank you Marcia the necklace is really beautiful, its a great length & is nicely weighted too. :-)"-- Eve

My daughter bought this (.999 fine silver dragon tattoo bracelet) for me and it just came and wow!! it is the bomb for sure....marcia southwick is a truly gifted artist. if you are leaning toward buying something, don't drag your feet...just do it!!--Susan

Marcia, I can't tell you how excited I am to discover your pieces. In the space of less than a month I've purchased three pieces and just love them! They are so beautiful and unique. I follow you on fb and love to see the new pieces. What talent! You are my new addiction! -- Leesa

Hi Marcia! As we were sitting around the table at the restaurant this afternoon, I noticed that all three mothers seated were wearing a B. Bold piece! I was wearing my horse bracelet, my Mom was wearing her gold necklace and bracelet and my good friend Lila, was wearing one of the sacred heart bracelets that I gave her :) Cool Huh! And Happy Mother's Day to you too!--Jill

My name is Mary Marin, and I want to take a moment to acknowledge the extraordinary and beautiful work that this Jeweler continues to produce. It's difficult to describe the artistry and soul that she puts into her work. The Colors thát she uses are like the precious gems you find in a rain forest. I own two of her necklaces, and I bought a bracelet for one of my friends. People always stop us to ask where we got such unusual pieces. They never fail to comment on the primitive richness of her beads, or the artistry in the way she works with silver and leather. She did not ask me to write this. I just needed to acknowledge the excellence and genius of her work, and to encourage you to check out her web site on FB. I swear that her work vibrates off the page, and that her prices are SO reasonable that you will not be able to leave her site without a piece of her magic !!!"

Marcia--My lovely Southwest by Northeast necklace arrived Sat. How wonderful of you to gift package so sweetly - made it extra special - thank you very much. And the unexpected gift of the alpaca thread earrings made it an extra delicious arrival!(I've traveled Mexico & South America extensively, even been a short-lived alpaca breeder- how'd ya know??) I'm a natural blonde who simply adores orange combined w/bright pink - thank u so much!~ This necklace combines so well with my existing collection of gemstones, especially my corals & spiny oyster shell jewels I adore wearing in Summer. Will be a great take-along travel piece to Boho-Up my classic work attire. You see I've adapted my dear Mother's taste for the classic dress of Audrey Hepburn & Jackie O, but must let my own sunshine come thru!-- Pamela

Thanks so much. .. as always. . .I am blown away by your talent and originality."-- Nora

Dearest Marcia,The stunning bracelet arrived today. I love it! It fits which is a blessing for me with my big wrist. I am sure you have been told this before but the whole gift wrapping and protection is absolutely lovely and it was a very special surprise to see the earrings. Wow Thank you! They are beautiful! I can't wait to show my treasures off tomorrow. I am so proud to own these. Most kind regards," Sheree

Dear Marcia, The jewelry I ordered from you arrived Saturday. I have to say the silver bracelet and the keshi pearl bracelet are breathtaking, and so much more beautiful than even the photos relayed! The bracelets and the earrings (which I also love) have gotten quite a bit of admiration from friends who appreciate artisan jewelry, too. Thank you so much for not only the lovely trinkets but the incredibly quick delivery time, and the thoughtfulness that you put into the presentation, a gift-wrapped package. I'll visit your site again when I'm looking for something beautiful, unique and affordable--Kathy Owen

"The rings (menagerie series) are spectacular, I can't stop looking at them! Each one has its own individual character. I feel as if I'm buying museum-worthy pieces of jewelry. (Well, I wouldn't be surprised if that happens!)-- C. Jones

"Your beautifully wrapped package arrived and I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with everything! The silver bangle with the hearts and rhodochrosite is just exquisite. It goes perfectly with my silver rhodochrosite necklace and earrings from Argentina! I'm totally enthralled with the fine silver scroll bracelet - I've never owned a piece of jewelry like this before, and it seems so ancient and mysterious, like some archaeological find out in the desert. I think you used the perfect word for it: "archaic". I really, really love this bracelet. And the fact it was made in your workshop makes it seem very personal and special. Thank-you too for the gift of the pink & gold earrings(cloisonne? not sure about the terminology). They're so sweet! I can't wait to wear them! Here's wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving"--Chris

"I am an artist myself but I have never used metal as a media- I am so impressed with your skill and designs, as well as the passion i see radiating from your work. I will be SURE to buy from you as often as possible!"-- Carla

"I love the crystal catalyst bead you sent me. You went over and beyond by stringing it so beautifully. I wear it daily. I've found that I feel calmer, yet have more energy; but it's a clean energy, not my usual frazzled kind. I sleep beautifully now and one of the most striking differences is that when I got my routine blood work, my labs showed a marked improvement in my health; blood pressure was normal and diabetes nearly gone! I was shocked. I changed none of my habits, so I can only assume the crystal catalyst is realigning me. I am so happy with this purchase and appreciate the fine work you do. Thanks, Marcia."-- Lynne.

"Dear Marcia,I love-love-love my Crystal Catalyst necklace and fervently hope that you will sell a lot of them, as I think the majority of EMF-bombarded people still have no idea of the dangers. I also appreciate the beautiful presentation package, your personal note, and the wonderfully outrageous earrings that you sent as an added gift. Whether you are #1 or #2 on the Ruby Lane list of artisan jewelry designers, you will always be #1 in my book. Your talent and creativity know no bounds, and I look forward daily to seeing what your fertile brain has come up with next"-- Connie

"Hi Marcia, I wanted to let you know that the Flamingo bracelet arrived today! That was a quick trip across the country for sure.... It is soooooo sweet! I know Peggy is going to love it. I "only". have to wait until November 6 to give it to her. That's all - Count the days. Thank you too for sending me the earrings. That was an unexpected surprise! They are very pretty and I held them up to the light to show them to my sister. I may have to share them...:-) It was a pleasure to deal with you. From start to finish you were efficient. I will return to your shop on rubylane for sure! Thank you for everything"-- Dawne

Dear Marcia, "My keshi pearl necklace and earrings arrived. They are absolutely gorgeous. I did a Google search and discovered that all mollusks can make pearls--fascinating! . . . My father's relatives in eastern NC eat hundreds of oysters each year. None of us have ever found a pearl. Old ladies love surprises. Thank you. You are a fine business woman. Will check your shop for treasures again". Sincerely, Marcella

"Your work is beyond brilliant. Everyone I show it to is gasping. It's by far the best artisan jewelry shop on Ruby Lane." -- Karen

"I have for years predominantly worn vintage costume, and other vintage, jewelry because the craftsmanship often rivalled that of fine jewelry of the period, and much of contemporary jewelry is boring and not well made. Your pieces break that mold as the craftsmanship is excellent, but also the combination of stones/material is wonderful."--Janet

Hi Marcia, Thank you for bringing a ray of sunshine into L.I. on a rainy day. What can I say? You hit it out of the park again. I thought this was so pretty online, but it's even prettier in person.I love it. Even my adorable 29 yr. old said, Mom do you really need another bracelet, with his male way of thinking, then when he saw it said that's really cool. Tonight I will wear this on my date with my husband and see if he notices it! You're pretty amazing! I'll be back and keep rockin! Hugs"--Linda

Your package has arrived, and I am, once again, over the moon. I'm wearing the frog pendant and earrings right now. I may never take the frog off - he's wonderful and darling! The earrings are perfect. Now I want to work on getting a pair of gold ones. The necklace is a treasure! It will work with so much that I have. Thank you for the friendship bracelet. I truly feel like I have made a wonderful friend even though we have never met face-to-face--Susan B.

It arrived!! (A fine silver horse bracelet). If I was the "swooning" type....I believe I would have ;) It is perfect in every way - the artistic interpretation, the weight, the size, the way it hangs.... It is going to get a lot of wear, it goes with everything. I was showing it to my Mom last night - she's not a silver fan, but she loved it too. Both she and my son were very interested in the "back story" on the civil war buttons and how really creative that is. We are all history buffs, so it is meaningful to me that something as simple as a button can live on in a beautiful piece of jewelery (with the added bonus of the horse connection) Thanks again for a beautiful creation!! Warmest Regards, Jill

"Received your shipment yesterday .. so sweet of you to include the wonderful bracelet .. I LOVE IT!! Plus, the other bracelets are beautiful!! You are so generous, Marcia! Love the wrapping .. I keep it and the pink bow is a treat for the kitties .. they chase it all over the house. Thank you, Marcia-- Debbie

Marcia, I JUST received your package!!!!!!!! I received your package juuuust in time too- our mail system has gone on strike for "who knows" how long. The pieces were not what I expected for the most part- they were better.........especially the more ornate piece with lots of silver (bali silver)......I was delighted to see that the circular bali beads were smaller than on the other necklace- very strong yet delicate look for such a heavy piece! Your sensibilities shine through on that piece immensely. . . .The matching necklace and bracelet are, of course, just gorgeous, but what really shone was the "debutante biker's bracelet" (I will selfishly treasure that forever)-- Mia

Hi Marcia -- The greyhound bracelet arrived today and it's even more beautiful than I imagined! And many thanks for the earrings -- I know they'll be the source of much enjoyment. Margaret, my step-daughter, called this morning to say that she'll be coming here for a visit on May 12th so I'll very carefully rewrap your box so she won't know that I already peaked -- Maggie, as she's known, is an Air Force Major and is now a glider instructor at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs -- I know her bracelet will be the envy of a lot of cadets -- she is fostering three greyhounds right now. I know the bracelet will be treasured for many years --Susan

Hi, Marcia, Your package arrived yesterday, and what fun! It was wrapped so beautifully which made its arrival even more special. To receive a handwritten note from you was very much appreciated. AND to receive a gift of lovely earrings with the necklace is way over the top. I am over the moon about the necklace! It is even better in person. I will enjoy wearing it again and again. You have been a joy to work with, and I so appreciate your help with this transaction. As I have mentioned, there are many of your creations that I would like to add to my collection. They are so wearable and unique. Thank you again, Susan B

Thank you so very much for your collaboration and heart! This is what humanity needs right now-- Jenny

Dear Marcia- On a very very hot day in the nation's capital, your c-o-o-l necklaces arrived in the mail. Gosh, they are stunning, very substantial, and ... well ... BOLD. I LOVE THEM!!!! I also admire the way you presented, wrapped, and shipped everything. Also very cool. The Peruvian friendship bracelet is perfect for me. Before I retired in 2007 from the Library of Congress, I was a legal analyst for the laws of Latin America for 34 years. Thank you a million times for everything. I am now an official fan of yours / SANDRA S.

Hi Marcia--I have been in India for two months so only picked up the rings last week - they are amazing! Just what i had been hoping for and they now work perfectly together, i have a big thing for hearts so am delighted with your choice of gift!!!! Thank you so much for all your efforts to make my order so special. I will keep looking for time to time to see what you've been making, you are a great artist. BIG THANKS and very best wishes, Amanda

Marcia- I received the Fourth of July and repousse frog necklaces, and the recipients and I couldn't be more happy- you have gained a solid crowd of new fans here on the north end of Vancouver Island! The necklaces we've purchased I consider as gifts- they are- ARE wonderous pieces. . . there are so many of your pieces that I adore- I literally can not look at your website unless I have the money to spend on it- it torments me- what you create is just so special and stunning--Mia

Dear Marcia, my blue lapis ring arrived today!! I am wearing it with 2 of my silver stacking rings, and it is fabulous!! This is a really GOOD thing! I love it and see no end in sight!!!!! Love Beth

Hi Marcia, I received the beautiful earrings today. They are EXACTLY what I needed to go with a new turquoise necklace! Thank you so much for the prompt service and your incredible jewelry talent. Kathryn

"Worked 5 hours pulling grass from the irises today. It finally got sunny at 5. Wore bracelets I had gotten from you. Felt special. Got all the goodies and am more impressed in person if that is possible. Probably already told you. The three stone earrings are so comfortable". --Inez

Marcia - Every single one of your items has not only been a success but a tremendous success. My sister, often avoiding jewelry of any kind . . . really loved the necklace AND your earrings. She was wearing them when we last talked, though I never remember her ever wearing earrings before. Somehow, you hit just the right time and just the right tastefulness. And that goes for every thing I have bought from you. Every single time I wear either of your lovely necklaces, I am greeted by compliment after compliment. No exaggeration. At all. . . ." Susan

"Hi Marcia: Thank you for my lovely bracelet!!!!---I'm really going to treasure it--my little piece of Bisbee--It fits perfect with the new clasp, which is beautiful and the little dangle---and it came in time for Valentine's Day---I was so excited that I didn't look further into the bag until today when my husband and I were having lunch--I had it on the table and found my earrings and your nice note! They are so pretty, what a double surprise---thank you so much. My husband thought that was very sweet of you. I see so many more things I want, so I'll be back to your shop soon as soon as my husband's wallet cools off from V.D. day---he got me some red nice cowboy boots too. Keep making those gorgeous things--you are really very talented! Thanks again". Elena.

"I feel honored wearing your necklaces, they are all absolutely gorgeous, and I've had so many compliments! Thank you for being a creative inspiration and bringing joy into my life. Keep up the good work!-- Linda C.