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About Marc t. Nielsen Interiors

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About Us
Marc t. Nielsen Interiors, founded in 1924, added the antique shop to its repertoire after WWII, when many Europeans needed money and had beautiful things to sell. It was a fitting adjunct to the interior design business. We have always been enchanted by the sense of history provided by antiques and vintage furnishings. There is something magical about their survival. We are proud of our longstanding reputation and the trust our clients bestow on us. We achieve interiors that delight the eyes, touch the soul, and reflect the spirit of their residents.

Marc t. Nielsen is presently owned by Valerie Steil ASID, who draws inspiration from her extensive travels, her connections to artists, stylists, and musicians, and the beauty of nature. The shop carries on with the original Breath of Spirit -- a devotion to an ideal, a business philosophy of genuine craftsmanship and highest quality. With confidence, grace, and a dash of humor, Valerie keeps a gorgeous, if a bit bohemian, shop on the ground floor of a huge Tudor-style barn. That historic barn is filled with goods from around the world, in scenic Suman Valley on the outskirts of Valparaiso, Indiana -- about an hour from Chicago.