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Having my first Sindy doll as I child I was completely hooked! My best friend would come to my house and we would plays for hours, I remember putting them on our roller skates and pulling them along the pavements, swapping clothes, making new clothes, knitting hats and scarfs. As I got a little older I had my first Sasha Doll, I literally couldn't touch her she was too perfect she staying in her box for weeks until I had the courage could take her out.

More recently I bought a small doll from a local charity shop, I just fell in love with her beautiful face. I thought it was such a shame she was in such a state, unwanted and unloved. I bought her home washed her clothes and bought books on how to restore her sympathetically. I must say I made a wonderful job! I realized how much I had enjoyed doing this and it spiraled from there, creating my own shop on Ruby Lane to sell on my wonderful finds to carry on creating memories in new homes.
Charlotte Williams
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