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About Magnolia Antiques & Jewelry

Our Service Pledge
We will try to respond to all orders within 24 hours. If there is a delay in our shipping, it's for a good reason. Not for our laziness, we promise. And if there is a delay, we will send you an email stating the delay. We guarantee the authenticity of all our items. We want our clients to be happy. We will accomplish this by giving you the best customer service and one on one attention. We know you will be pleased to work with us over and over again.
About Us
Welcome to Magnolia Antiques & Jewelry,
I'm happy you are here shopping! Since Inflation has hit the Entire World and it Looks Like a Recession is a foregone conclusion, (but let's be optimistic, I decided to work on volume than raise my prices like everyone else, and lower them for you. I will work on a shorter margin in hopes you'll reward me with your business. I've already marked many things "down to the bone" and cannot go any lower, especially my Majolica and other Pottery I sell. My Jewelry, Estate, Vintage, and Antiques: I'm working on a little above my cost. And same goes for my Art. I want your business. I want you as a loyal client, and want you to come here first to my store before you go anywhere else on Ruby Lane.
I have been an interior designer for over thirty-six years; however, my passion has always been antiques and jewelry. As a designer, I use antiques differently than their intended uses. So, I will mention those ideas.
I'm finding my clients from all generations are flocking to antique and vintage pieces more than anything to purchase in today's market. Clients are concerned about our environment and sustainability and would instead buy something that has a story behind it than not. Clients want to wear one-of-kind pieces of jewelry that their friends don't own to make a statement. It makes them feel good about themselves, plus they look gorgeous wearing them! An added plus is that they retain their value and increase in value with age. While you're here shopping, peruse the jewelry, pick out something stunning to make you feel beautiful, take a look at the artwork and the accessories, and the other antique's in my store. I have a little bit of something and a lot of everything; that's what my husband tells me all the time. Means I have too much stuff. I have quite a bit of Majolica pottery because I love it; the same goes for 19th-century jewelry, Mourning jewelry, Runway jewelry, and any Antique collectible that is unexpected, rare, fun, and my idea of stunning!
I'm adding items daily. Let me know if you are looking for something in particular because I might have it but haven't listed it yet. If you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them!
Lastly, I will gladly ship regular USPS, not Priority shipping, unless there isn't that much difference. Then I will send it Priority. But, it will always be insured. Please, if you like something and check the shipping and you think the shipping is too much- email me. I will review another way that might be less expensive. And if I owe you a refund on postage, you will receive it. Please don't walk away from my shop because the shipping is high. Let's double-check it. And because of that nasty word- Inflation-I'm sure you've heard, the Postal service is raising its rates once again, sixty cents for a stamp. And the other day, I asked Gary and Tony at my local Post Office (yes, I'm on a first-name basis with them and have been known to sing Frank Valli songs to them, seriously!), and they said Priority Mail will likely go up at least twenty-five cents. All this is to take place in June. So, I will do everything I can to save you money on shipping, I promise!
Thank you for shopping at Ruby Lane and Magnolia Antiques & Jewelry!
Warm regards,
Anne Bartin
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