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About Magic Carpet Bags

Our shop was created to market the many Afghani carpet bags that were acquired a decade and a half ago directly from western Afghanistan. Since that time, Afghanistan has gone back under Taliban rule and trade opportunities with the families and tribes there have become even more difficult, if not impossible. These beautiful artifacts of tapestry represent the patience and resiliency of the people of Afghanistan. Their desire is strong to keep their culture and traditions alive and relevant in a place where day to day life is very challenging. Each bag is painstakingly woven using methods passed down from previous generations, to create some of the most intricate and beautiful designs found in this craft. Here you’ll find hundreds of designs, many representing the symbols of the families and tribes that the weaver originates from. Most of these bags were used to carry items by members of the families, similar to the way we would use a backpack, a satchel, or a purse. The symbol of the family’s lineage is displayed on the front, becoming a source of pride for the family member. Some of these bags were given as gifts, even dowries from one family to another, especially when their children were joining in marriage. These bags represent a culture who's traditions date back for centuries. You can see videos on YouTube describing the creation of these miniature carpet bags and the significance that they have for the families who created them.
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