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since 2019

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About Lotza Dolls

Our Service Pledge
All items are guaranteed to be as described on this page regarding condition, attribution and attire. If you purchase something from me and feel it is not as represented on this page please contact me by phone, email or postmarked letter within three days of receiving the item and I will gladly refund your full payment excluding shipping fees. To get a refund the item must be returned in it's original condition and with all garments and accessories. If you do not contact me within three days of receiving the item, it is understood by both the buyer and the seller that the item is as described and a return privilege is no longer available.
About Us
Our Service Pledge
I respond to all orders within 24 hours. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

About Me
I have been collecting dolls, clothes and accessories for over 15 years.
Attending doll shows, Barbie conventions, and doll clubs.
Most of my items are from the 1960s to the early 1980s.
The doll room is at capacity and I am ready to let you enjoy and perhaps start your own collections.

Most of my items will be sold in LOTS with amazing prices.
I try to let you know doll name, fashion name, and approximate year it was made.

I take great care to my collection and promise to provide you with a cherished toy.
I'm hoping you find my shop brings back a bit of your childhood or that of someone dear to you.