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Here you shall find a selection of quality, antique, art tiles, and hand-decorated china, created before c.1930.

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Antique Decorated Tiles & Hand-Painted China

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Our Service Pledge
All of our items are original, authentic, works. We offer no reproductions. Our item photographs reveal the entire object, including any wear and damage, which an item may exhibit.
About Us
We offer antique, hand-painted, china, and decorated tiles, which were created before automation, when no two painted plates, no two glazed tiles, are identical to one another. Each item is as unique as a snowflake. We offer clay and ceramic artworks made between 1870 -1916, but may include some ceramics created much earlier, or, as recently as 1930.

We specialize in a time when societies of women gathered to decorate china, imported from France and Bavaria, and men of the tile works, strained at their fly-wheel, tile presses, and braved the terrible heat of massive bottle kilns. A time when the clay industry reached its zenith, its companies becoming the largest employers in the world, and created the most remarkable, decorated tiles, in human history. Unique tiles, sculpted by famous artists, hand-painted with rich, colorful, glazes, which depicted abstract, natural, and classical, designs, of lasting beauty. Beauty, which lingered, until the Great War took away the talented hands, which made them, and the desire to sustain them, and wealth required to own them.

Our time is when, "Wilder Pickard" and, "Jacob H. Stouffer," both operated their famous, plate-decorating, studios in Chicago. Each competing with the other to create ceramic masterpieces of color and line, on fine imported china, richly embellishing them with 22 carat gold.

But, too, our time is when a woman sat alone at her kitchen table, upon which her cup of tea crowded a jar of artist brushes, and, in the light of a late morning sun, carefully applied the finishing touch to her original design. Thus, with this last kiss of her tiny brush, held gently in her steady fingers, she completes her transformation of an inexpensive piece of mail-ordered, Bavarian, china, into a valuable treasure.

Please enjoy what we have found.