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Lorita Cohen
El Paso , TX
"Each doll is special and offered to my customers with attention to the smallest detail!" -LORITA COHEN

since 2018

Specializing in Antique French & German Porcelain Dolls & Accessories


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Our promise is to achieve COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION on all our transactions! We pack and ship with the utmost CARE & PROFESSIONALISM. We've been in business since 1990. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours or less!
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"I'm here to offer you, my customers, the the most satisfying doll purchasing experience in the industry!"

My name is LORITA COHEN and I design & create many of the outfits you see on my dolls! Ensembles have French seams, extensive hand-stitching as well as machine stitching. My patterns are unique and my own; I do not use commercial patterns. I come from a long line of seamstresses...both my grandmothers and mother sewed; taught me at a very early age how to fashion my own doll clothes. I would often jam up the machine, lose my pins & needles, later to step on them deeply into my feet! OUCH! To this day, I literally often get a drop of blood on my doll hats, for instance, if the buckram and fabrics are thick...only to wash out with cold water right away!

Many hours are spent bringing out the best in each and every doll. Making doll ensembles is my joy. I'm also a doll 'cobbler'....manufacture leather doll shoes with leather soles. I hand-sew mohair wigs from the finest and best quality mohair. I do ribbon embroidery and make doll corsets, doll jewelry & chapeaux. All my garments come with my woven signature label:


I'm always searching for antique fabrics, millinery flowers, antique laces & ribbons. Most of the ribbons I use are 100% SILK which I sell and carry in-house. I have a background in couleur theory and fine arts and LOVE TO DRAW & PAINT!

My original Antique's Boutique was first started in 1990 and was called, "The Grapevine" located in El Paso, Texas. I moved to a 2,400 sq ft larger location and was in business for 20 years until I decided to downsize and specialize only in fine quality antique dolls. At one time, I had as many as 4 employees...many of whom have gone on to become: A college professor, a dentist, a doctor and one of my gals works at AT & T...to name a few. I was able to save enough money to buy my own home; a beautiful cottage with a gorgeous garden I'm VERY PROUD of...no mortgage!

MY STUDIO / ATELIER INCLUDES: A sewing room, wig styling area, mini-doll (re-stringing and small touch ups) hospital, staged photographing area, storage & layaway rooms and packing center....all located under one roof...my home! I work with USPS & UPS.
Member of United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. I've been buying, selling and trading dolls for over 30+ years! There's always something new to learn or add to the love and knowledge of the wonderful world of doll collecting.

I gladly accept LAYAWAYS! I want you as a customer and are here to suit your needs. I'm flexible with layaway terms and don't mind to 'haggle' a bit! It's fun and want to see you back! Have something to sell? Drop me a line! Shop for my fine Antique dolls, doll clothing & accessories.

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Lorita Cohen
7328 Golden Hawk Drive
El Paso
TX 79912

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