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When your newlywed home was part of an antique shop in New England, it is hard to resist the lure and romance of antiques and vintage finds and the adventure of discovery and research that went along with that experience. Combined with a love of art and design, then a life of international living and travel, it all came together some twenty years ago as we began our small business by working exclusively with designers and decorators who appreciated our attention to detail and our willingness to help with their special requests. Our contacts are worldwide but we pride ourselves on keeping a personal touch for each and every client. We never tire of the hunt for the next great treasure. We work hard to make you happy and stand by our merchandise. Over the years we have sold antique Tiffany Sterling, designer clothes and jewelry, 18th Century furniture as well as vintage collectibles and antique books. We love tribal and ethnic art, Chinese porcelain (we lived in Asia for years) - what do we not like? Very little! Keep us in your favorites and check often for the exciting and changing inventory we will be offering!