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Our Service Pledge
We hope that every buyer will become a repeat customer, so we will do our best at every stage of the process.
About Us
Laureate Antiques
Whether you’re building a collection or searching for that special piece of history to complement your home decor, Laureate Antiques is your trusted assistant. We specialize in British and European ceramics from the 18th century, a time when attention to fine detail and meticulous craftsmanship made even everyday objects beautiful and worthy of admiration. Decorative figures and hand-painted useful items such as tea services, vases, candleholders and inkwells became genuine works of art in the hands of the great porcelain makers such as Meissen, Derby, Frankenthal and Worcester. Of special interest for Laureate Antiques are items with a story or with provenance—some personal history still attached to them, for example, our pair of dessert dishes that belonged to George III when he was Prince of Wales, or the bust of Shakespeare that was personally signed by Enoch Wood in 1828.

Attributions and Condition
Many of the earliest porcelain items were unmarked, so an attribution to a particular maker is sometimes based on the style of decoration, the shape of the piece, the quality of the clay, the colors of the glaze, etc. If we’re sure about attribution, we’ll say so. If we’re not, we’ll offer a considered opinion based on research. Some pieces of early china have come down to us in perfect condition, but most show normal signs of wear and use. Some buyers prefer to have their antiques looking brand new. For us, a museum-style restoration (so that an item looks great on display but not necessarily under a magnifying glass) is allowable, as well as being less costly. If a small flaw can be touched up with a little dab of color to make a piece look perfect on the shelf, we consider that an improvement. Of course, we’ll let you know about any damage or restoration and give you an accurate description of condition.

Other Antiques
We also offer a small selection of early antiques outside the field of ceramics.

Contact Us
Our cataloguer Tom is available most weekday mornings at 574-234-5088, extension 134. (This is his office at school, on East Coast time.) He’s a bit old-fashioned because he doesn’t have a cell phone, so please don’t expect instantaneous replies if you leave a message. It may take a day or so to get back to you, especially if you ask for more information about an item. Also, please include your return phone number or email address in your message.

What are you looking for?
If you have a specific items on a wish list, let us know. We might have it or we could keep an eye out for it.

Do you have antique porcelain to sell? We’re always buying—individual items and collections—anything in the field of fine 18th-century porcelain and ceramics. We do our own repairs, so items do not need to be in perfect condition. Contact Tom via Ruby Lane email and he will reply to you directly.

Our Service Pledge
We hope that every buyer will become a repeat customer, so we will do our best at every stage of the process.

We ship via USPS unless specifically requested otherwise, and if you do prefer a different shipper that may result in a different shipping cost than stated in the listing. We have never had any breakage with items we’ve sold, because we pack them with great care. Please note that it is nearly impossible for us to offer expedited or same-day shipping. It may take several days to get your purchases off to you safely. We think you’ll agree that antiques deserve the best care possible.