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About Laureate Antiques

Our Service Pledge
We hope that every buyer will become a repeat customer, so we will do our best at every stage of the process.
About Us
Laureate Antiques
Whether you’re building a collection or searching for that special piece of history to complement your home decor, Laureate Antiques is your trusted assistant. We specialize in British and European ceramics from the mid-18th to the early 19th century, a time when attention to fine details and meticulous craftsmanship made even everyday objects beautiful and worthy of admiration. Of special interest for us are items with a story or provenance—some personal history still attached to them. We also have a growing collection of antique books for sale.

Attributions and Condition
Our attributions to a particular factory or artist are based on marks, decoration, shapes, type of clay, glaze, etc. If we’re sure, we’ll say so. If we’re not, we’ll offer a considered opinion based on research. Some antique china has survived in perfect condition, but most items show signs of normal wear and use. Some buyers prefer to have their antiques looking brand new. For us, a museum-style restoration (the item looks great on display but not under a magnifying glass) is allowable, as well as being less costly. If a small flaw can be touched up with a dab of color to make a piece look perfect on the shelf, we consider that an improvement. Of course, we’ll let you know about any damage or restoration.

Contact Us
Email is preferred, but in a pinch Tom is available most weekday mornings at 574-234-5088, extension 134 (East Coast time). Since he’s a bit old-fashioned (no cell phone), please don’t expect instant replies when leaving a message, and be sure to include your return phone number or email address in your message. All in all, email is better.

We're Buying
Do you have antique porcelain to sell? We purchase individual items and collections—anything in the field of fine 18th-century porcelain and ceramics. Items don't need to be in perfect condition.

Our Service Pledge
Very simply, we do our best at every stage of the process.

Payment and Shipping
Paypal or personal checks. We ship via USPS unless you request otherwise. We've never had any breakage because we pack with great care, and that may take a couple of days to arrange.
Please contact via email.
South Bend
IN 46617
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