La farandolls

Murielle Auffret
Olonzac , occitanie , France
Give french accessories to your doll

since 2013

Mostly from France furnitures and accessories for your doll


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I have been an expert in antique dolls and toys for more than ten years,.I belong to the CNES( chambre nationale des experts spécialisé en objets d'art et de collection) specialising in auctions in the south of France. I have been dealing in dolls, toys and general antiques since 1987.
My boutique specialises in dolls, dolls' accessories and general antiques that come largely from the south of France. I also sell through antiques fairs and my clients come from all over the world.
In 2006 i published a book about dining set, dishes and the set for dolls, only about the french makers.
Murielle Auffret
8 Avenue de beziers
occitanie 34210
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