La Chatelaine Juwelen

Lara van Schaik, Roosendaal Netherlands
Welcome to La Châtelaine - high-quality French vintage jewelry from the period 1900 - 1960 with focus on Art Deco and Retro.
since 2019

Vintage & Retro

About La Chatelaine Juwelen

La Chatelaine means key holder or lady of the manor. I am both. I run a 18th century chateau in Burgundy France that I rent out for weddings and parties. I love antiques and I’m passionate about jewelry from all centuries, but especially Art Deco and Retro jewelry and I’m specialized in unusual pieces. I find it fascinating to see how the geometric 2-dimensional forms of the 1920s turned into 3-dimensional curled and folded designs in the 1940s.
I grew up with jewelry because my mom was an antique dealer in Dutch period jewelry, but only later in life I decided to turn my jewelry passion into a company. After the sudden death of my husband in 2012 I went back to school and became a gemologist (GIA GG) and a registered appraiser and would love to become a certified appraiser. I'm member of the Dutch association TMV for certified appraisers and I'm studying for my exams. Since 3 years I have a web shop in Art Deco and Retro jewelry. I find in Paris and in the French countryside my treasures and I blog about my "trouvailles", notable auction results, special pieces and beautiful exhibitions. In all its activities, La Chatelaine aims to help entrepreneurial women to become strong confident and independent women who dare to wear a piece of Retro chic jewelry that underlines their personality.