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About kubitzi Antiques Vintage & Collectables

Our Service Pledge
We manage our business with honesty and integrity and want you to feel safe dealing with us. We will make every effort to provide accurate and complete written descriptions of our items along with clear and detailed photos. All of our items are genuine antique and vintage pieces and not reproductions. We guarantee that we will never knowingly misrepresent an item, and will always point out any flaws that we have discovered after close examination, however we do apologise should a flaw miss our eye and we do our best to accurately describe our products but sometimes a human error can be expected. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns to which we will respond promptly as we are always online.
About Us
We are a family run business with taste for vintage . We love our products especially because we hand pick each and every one we sell and we are 100% committed and involved in our business - from sourcing to hand picking and meticulously checking our stock before selling it to you . We even take our own photos , no outsiders involved in this :) . We are a handful of people , fun driven by the love of what we do and we hope to bring that to you as well . We are not afraid to get our hands dirty , we even do our own garment repair , a hand stitch here , a button there and just like that we are proud to salvage great pieces of history . And if we can't make a dress a dress again , we'll turn it into a backpack , yes you're right we do up-cycle damaged products as well , instead of throwing away we like to reinvent .