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Kristina iulo
Port Murray , NJ
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About kristina iulo | a private vintage collection

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I am dedicated to finding art, home decor, jewelry and clothing of distinctive quality. I strive to offer items in very good vintage quality. I appreciate every order and take great care to pack them to arrive safely with a memorable unboxing experience.
About Us
I have always been inspired by the beauty of antiques. Growing up, I was surrounded by women who collected everything from art to jewelry to clothing. This collection is dedicated to those women—to their style, grace, and passion.
I grew up in Brooklyn and after attending Pratt School of Art, I developed a career as a graphic designer. But throughout my life and career, I always returned to my true passion: Vintage. I've been collecting rare pieces for years and am thrilled to share them with collectors like you.
Kristina iulo
PO Box 212
Port Murray
NJ 07865

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