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Our Service Pledge
I know the only way I will be successful is that you, the customer are thrilled with your purchase and with my services. I want you to be a returning customer.
I do my utmost to accurately describe what I see, and to do what I can to have customer's be satisfied.
I will be prompt in answering any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact me.
About Us
I have a wide variety of antiques and collectibles including artwork, historical etchings and lithographs, exquisite antique porcelain and pottery pieces from around the world, fine silver pieces from many major makers, sandwich glass, glass beakers, fun jewelry, vintage ties, Christmas decor and much much more.

My price range is wide with many smaller items for your consideration, along with the top of the line antiques which are exquisite rarities in the market place. I have a true interest and appreciation of history, and I really enjoy researching and documenting all that I can find about the items I place in my shop. You will find that my individual descriptions of items come with extensive background information on the artist, or the maker, or the subject matter of the piece.

I have a long way to go on listing my inventory, with many more fine antiques to go. I also have many more categories to go, such as historical documents, ladies hats and purses. I do spend a great deal of time in researching items prior to listing them, so I should be well entertained for months to come.

To stay in touch with my ever growing inventory, subscribe to my shop. As a subscriber you will receive email alerts each time new items are listed. Happy Browsing!

Customer Testimonials:

This is the best part. I have heard back from several of my customer’s after receiving their merchandise. I have so enjoyed receiving them; it makes selling online so fun and rewarding! I’m posting some of these for you to read.
Dear Karen:
The Hammersley cup/saucer arrived late this afternoon, and it is just as beautiful and exquisite as I believed it to be from the online photo. While my grandfather, or even my great-grandfather unlikely had anything to do with it, I like to think great-grandfather was somehow involved with the bone china business before his emigration. In any event, the cup/saucer has a prominent place in my curio cabinet,and I shall point it out to one and all who come by. If we are ever in your neck of the woods, we will certainly stop in. Thanks for giving this purchase a personal touch. Cheers, “BS”
Dear Karen and Husband of Karen:

The Japanese Fukagawa Koransha Vase arrived a few minutes ago.
It is gorgeous!! Everything is fine. The Vase is making friends with all
of the other Japanese Antiques that live here. They are all excited!!!

Thank you so much for such a smooth transaction. Thank you for the
great hand painted egg that your grandmother made! I will cherish both
items forever. Also, thank you for the shipping difference- that was very
nice of you..

If you need anything further or in the future please feel free to contact me.
Please, thank your Husband for me, for helping you with this Vase-shipping,etc
I will keep an eye on your site for future purchases. Let me know if you have
anything else that you feel I need to see.

Well, there’s an angel above us (literally – she went north to Canada) and here is the customer comments after receiving her.

“Hi Karen!
The angel arrived a few minutes ago and I'm so delighted. It's always a bit scary to order something so fragile over the Internet. But I am thrilled. She's in great shape, the color is wonderful, and I Iove, love her peaceful and serene face. She'll be treasured for years to come. I'm so glad I decided on her for my Christmas present to me!
Thank you so much for your great packing job and super-fast mailing. I truly appreciate it.”

Here’s another comment….it certainly made me smile! Thank you to M

“Hi Karen, I'm not sure if I sent you an earlier note or not...another senior moment, I'm afraid. So I thought I would just tell you (again?) how much I love my cup and saucer. It's funny. I bought this as a present to myself and it came wrapped like one!

At this point, I'm not even sure anymore how many miniature cups and saucers I have in my collection but this is, without a doubt, one of my most special. Thank you for working with me on it. I have you on my list of favorites now...on Ruby Lane AND personally. “

I sent a gorgeous, FRAGILE, antique frame (that needed repair) to a patron, whose comments upon receipt were the following:

“Hi Karen,
You are the perfect packer! It arrived in great shape and I have already got started on it. It will look great and I will share a picture of it when I am done. Thanks.” A.E.
I have a new patron from Tokyo, Japan (N.I.) who recently purchased Eleven Antique Jungin (Pure Silver) Floral Spoons from Japan. Pay-pal is just being established in Japan, and in order for my patron to complete this transaction, they were told it might take up to 4 weeks, which I agreed to wait.

I received these comments back;

“I deeply appreciate your kindness. I thank you very much for your help and understanding my situation.

Almost all Japanese Meiji period silver in Japan had lost during and after the World War II. By the order of the Government, many of them were collected (people gave away for free) and melted down to get the material. Most silversmiths in Japan also lost their silver and company documents including design books by air raids, thus no one really knows what they had made during the Meiji period.”

Well, I’m happy to say it only took one week; and was well worth the wait. This treasure from history is returning to its home country, which gives me great pleasure. Thank you N.I. for sharing this perspective with me! Karen-san
I received this note from a customer in Vienna, Austria which really touched my heart.

“Hi Karen I picked up the goblet last week, thank you for wrapping it so very well and with such fine taste. I have a collection of about 100 goblets from the 19th century, my grandfather and his father were producers of Bohemian Crystal until 1942 in Jihlava Czech Republic , Jihlava aka Iglau in German language. The business employed about 60 people, in 1942 it was aryanized by the nazis, grandad was forced to sell it for a token amount under threat of death. My mother was the only survivor from her family.

Anyway thats the back story, best js”

It seems that this goblet found its way home; back to the family that created it. Thanks so much for sharing with me, JS. Karen
SS from Oakland, CA wrote back:
“Dear Karen, don't really have a question, just wanted you to know the Hobe porcelain pin and earring set arrived. it is great, love it thank you”
Karen Cologgi
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