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Joan Burke
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Happy Spring! From Joan, Kaye and the Mermaids!

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Hello and welcome to our shop. This shop is inspired by the magic and mystery of the unseen world, and here I give a special nod to the mermaids - with their rare and elusive beauty, powers of healing and their relation to undersea buried treasure. The shop is the dream of my mother Kaye who was truly an artist and taught me to appreciate the beauty and magic of this world. My mom was an antique-er her whole life and I started collecting and learning costume jewelry along side of her in 1994. My mom always dreamed that someday she and I would open a shop together; sadly, she passed on Oct 15, 2008. But her dream lives on now! I wish to share our fabulous finds and long time collections with a large audience and to expand my own knowledge and abilities in this fantasy world of vintage and antique jewelry. While not every piece presented will have a direct relation to faeries or mermaids or other fantastical creatures, this store and all it contains is at root inspired by these marvelous beings and all the magic and beauty of all the worlds. My dream - much like my Moms if you've ever been lucky enough to buy from her!- is to continue to bring you fabulous and meaningful finds at reasonable prices - so that you and yours may always see, feel and walk in beauty! Thanks for stopping by!
Joan Burke
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