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Kate Nolan
Santa Cruz , CA
Light weight bohemian assemblage jewelry with components from around the world.
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since 2020

Light weight unusual Bohemian earrings

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I started making jewelry when I was 14, but just necklaces. As I sold necklaces, people would want earrings to go with the necklace. I would make a matching set, but was never happy with what I was producing: "beads on a stick". One day, I added up how much I made that month on necklaces, and in a different column, now much I made on earrings. I realized I was making my living on earrings, not necklaces, and "got myself an attitude adjustment". Now I love to make earrings and seldom make necklaces or bracelets. At one point, customers started saying they wanted light weight earrings, but big. So I got another attitude adjustment and started trying to figure out how I can still go big, but light. I use a lot of light weight mother of pearl, hollow beads and carved things. I have grown to really enjoy the challenge of making very interesting ear adornment. My studio is near the San Lorenzo river in Santa Cruz, California.
Kate Nolan
111 Dakota Ave., Suite 3
Santa Cruz
CA 95060

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