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About Meirin Sangyo Co.,Ltd

Our Service Pledge
In Japan any katanas or swords or knives is under control of Jutohou-kenrui-shojitou-torishimari-hou (the Japanese Firearm and Sword Possession Control Law)in case if its blade length is above 15cm(6in)
You are allowed to own or purchase or sell katana in case if katana it has registered license of Todofuken-kyoiku-iinkai(the Prefectural Board of Education),only registered katakana can be taken outside Japan.
In case if katana falls under National designated cultural assets -- Kokuhou(National treasure), Juyobunkazai(important national treasure), Juyobijutsuhin(Important art) -- it can't be taken outside Japan.

We give rein to exportation process outside Japan.
Absolute example of our exportation is that we request the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan for purchasing katana outside of Japan by clamming the information of your personal infromation such as name, address, tel etc.
The subsequent step is that we take photos of frontal and back sides of the katana.
Then we submit finished paper and attach photos and its Gun sword registration certificate(Juhou-touken-tourokusho) to the Agency of Cultural Affairs.
After sending all the papers to the Agency of Cultural Affairs, the katana will be arbitered by the court of Agency of Cultural Affairs, which takes about 2 or 4 weeks.
When they will permit to export, Yushutu-Kyokasho(Export license) will be published and we will be able to ship the katana you bought.
In case if they found any nuances , exportation is to be refused. But don't worry, we will refund your money.
The delivery fee is going to be different depending on your country.
The delivery shipment might be different in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Australia, Canada.
And it may take quite many days or we may request your help.

Please feel free to ask futher questions.
We will answer it within a business days except our expert is absent.
About Us
We sell Katanas, Wakizashi, Tanto, Yari which were used and kept by Samurais, Gunto which were used and kept by Shinnsen-Gumi or other Meiji-Ishin-shishi or military personnel or Empire of Japan.
Meirin Industry Co., Ltd. is swords sale store, which operates in Osaka pref. Japan, Since 1952.
The swords appraiser is an expert belonging to Nihon-Bijutsu-Token-Hozon-Kyokai(The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords), a 50 years of appraisal history.
We sell hundreds of swords every year in Japan.
We are familiar with katana selling method, export method, troubleshooting method, so please leave everything to us.