K-Art Studios Inc.

Kasia, Lake Forest IL

Member since 2016

About K-Art Studios Inc.

K-Art Studios Inc., is located in Lake Forest, IL and for many years has served its clientele in a whole range of artistic and decorative services. Whether it’s a mural, custom theme oil painting or antique furnishing, we make sure that every job we take shall be completed to the client's total satisfaction.
K-Art Studio Inc.’s., president and founder is Stanislawa “Kasia” Brzakala.
Kasia always felt deeply connected with art. First, she chose an artistic school where she studied crystal design and engraving patterns. After three years, she passed with honors and worked for one of the leading Polish crystal manufacturers. However, this was not her destiny and after only a couple of years filled with success, she immigrated to the US. Here, she realized that the demand for her talents did not fulfill her expectations and she decided to look for something different.

Living in the land of opportunity, she quickly took advantage of her universal skills and became a successful painter ranging from acrylic murals to elaborate oil paintings for her many clients. Loving art and always wanting to be surrounded by it, she started purchasing and many times renovating vintage and antique furniture and collectibles using such techniques as gilding, gold leafing and hand painting. Eventually, she became a collector of antiques.

She continues her quest even though many times she has to go through the hardship of parting with her beloved possessions. As her motto states, she would never sell her clients something that she wouldn’t buy for herself.