Louis Kuritzky, Gainesville FL

Member since 2015

About JustBookends

Just Bookends was established in 1991 and has been dealing solely in antique and collectible bookends since then. Myself and my wife, Virginia, are the proprietors for this shop. We would love to spend all day, everyday, working with bookends but our day jobs sometimes get in the way. (Louis is a physician and Virginia is a psychologist.)

Over the past two decades, we have sold hundreds of pairs of bookends to customers and friends who tell us they really prize these beautiful antique and collectible items.

Louis is the author and or co/author of three books on bookends:
1) Bookend Revue (Seecof and Kuritzky Schiffer Books, 1996)
2) Collector's Guide to Bookends (Kuritzky Collector Books Publishers 2000)
3) Collector's Encyclopedia of Bookends (Kuritzky and Decosta Collector Books 2006)

We are hoping to expand our bookend passion to a wider audience and look forward to chatting with you!