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We respond to all orders within 24 hours and strive for excellence in every aspect of our business. We guarantee the authenticity of all our items. We value our customers and endeavor to provide complete customer satisfaction!
About Us
Offering exquisite and unique findings from the past:
Antiques, Sterling Silver, Fine Collectibles, Estate Jewelry.

My shop name, Jubilee, is near and dear to my heart. My grandfather used to talk about the Jubilee, which happened occasionally in Mobile, Alabama. The sea life would leap and abound at the shore and everyone would join in the excitement, "It's the Jubilee!" A happy word, he chose this name for his boat, as the double vowels are thought to bring good luck!
As a fourth generation antique admirer and collector, I have lived with antiques since childhood, often going to antique shows, malls, and flea markets with my parents. My grandmother was an avid, lifelong collector of only the finest antiques, passing down her knowledge and love of its historical beauty. It is such a thrill for me to discover a gorgeous piece, with artistic, quality craftsmanship radiating the past to the present!

It is my hope that the abundance of elegant treasures that you will find here at Jubilee will bring a smile to your face and a story for those around you!