Antiquity with Integrity


About JDQuerryAntiques

Our business was underway in the spring of 1960 when the sign "Antiques" was hung on a tree branch in the front of our property, this was not long after the passing of my father who at the time was a very successful automobile dealer here in our little community, Dad was never too excited about porcelain, glassware, metals, etc. that my Mother had been accumulating all of her life but he sure excelled in merchandising under the DeSoto - Plymouth franchise which he enjoyed enormously. Prior to that our family history shows a keen interest in the arts as my great grandmother, Dr. Margaret Sheradon was a prolific collector and patron of the arts, following in her footsteps was her daughter, Dora Ann Gilmour who enjoyed her Mother's tastes in collecting to an extraordinary degree, thence to my Mother, Dorothy Querry so I think this collecting business had to be in the gene pool and I inherited same. Possibly one of my earliest mentors in the business came to be Herbert F. Schiffer of West Chester, Pennsylvania, perhaps one of the most prominent dealers on the East Coast, he was also a brilliant author, lecturer, dealer and great friend that anyone could wish for and it was he who made the introduction to Mr. J.E. DuPont who had a penchant for collecting Historical Blue as well as many other fine things. Acquisitions for him took me on whirlwind trips around the globe seeking the best examples I could find and was appointed curator of the DuPont collection in 1986. I was also involved in the antique show circuit doing many of the major events on the east coast. This year, 2018 marks our 58th year in the trade, it's a reputation for fair and honest dealing that we are "not resting but still building on" as the saying goes and we would look forward to serving your collecting tastes and interests for many years to come, we also strive for complete customer satisfaction in offering fine antiques at reasonable prices. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for what we will be offering!