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*BIG SALES & REDUCED PRICES! Antique items will only be available until this Summer so now is the time to buy!

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*BIG SALES & REDUCED PRICES! Antique items will only be available until this Summer!


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My mother has been a doll collector for most of her adult life. At one time she owned a shop in Manchester, NH called Joanie Joy's Antique Doll Shop and Clinic. Joan can fix and repair all needed doll maintenance. She is a master of creating doll clothing/dresses to match the period of the doll, and she will only use old material, lace, and such. My father often referred to her hands as "hands of gold." Everything she fixed or made came out fabulous! Joanie was friends with Nellie Perkins, and was one of the founders of The Nellie Perkins Doll Club, where she was the president for many years. I was the youngest member of this club at age 12. We have collected dolls over the years, and would like the opportunity to sell them on Ruby Lane. Sell them to people that share the same kind of love for these dolls that we do. It is the love that insures their good will. It is the love that passes these dolls into the hands of generations to come.
Please note** Antique items will only be available in our shop now until this Summer. If you have any interest now is the time to buy these items. Thank you to all our customers, as it has been a great pleasure serving you. It has made us so happy to hear all of the positive feedback, and how happy you all have been with your purchases. We wish you all a fabulous 2017!!