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I have been a collector of dolls since I was very young, a love inspired by my mother who was also an avid collector and am from a family of “hoarders” and “collectors”. I have acquired an extensive knowledge of dolls, in particular antique and vintage dolls, and have developed a strong network of dealers, auctioneers, collectors, private buyers and others who just enjoy the same passions as I do.

I assisted in running a Doll Club for over 10 years and also was the organiser of Tasmania’s first doll fair during this period. I produced a Club magazine throughout this time and designed and produced the club’s enamel badge that members proudly wore. It is through this Club that my network continued to grow with access to some of Australia’s most sought after doll and bear makers. I am also an administrator on a rapidly growing facebook group for Dolls, Bears, Golliwogs and Vintage Toys. I have also been a consistent Ebay seller since 1999 and worked and sold Dolls & Bears and related items, along with collectables, in a large antique centre for several years.

Dolls and Bears have always been a big part of my life.

I will be selling dolls of many descriptions. Also included will be Antique, Vintage, Reproduction & Modern, Clothing & Accessories, Books, Patterns and Media. There will also be Bears, Toys, & Golliwogs pending availability of stock, along with designer cards and postcards.
Jan Wrate
South Canberra
ACT 2904

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