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Sharon Blakey, Kewanee, IL

In our store you will find items that have caught our interest over the years, we hope you find them interesting too.

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Wonderful things seem to follow us home,and have done so for years, so.... we decided to share


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We do our very best to respond to all questions in less than 24 hours as well as to acknowledge orders that have been made. We guarantee that our items are 100% authentically what we say they are. We do a great deal of research to back up our descriptions and our statements. If you think we made a mistake please call it to our attention.
About Us
Altogether we have spent well over a century collecting various collectibles and antiques. We just were not together as a couple during that time that happened in the last four years. Once we got together then the enabling of the collection addiction began. Now the warehouse is full and we decided to open this shop with myself doing the listing and the actual computer work because himself does not like computers nor do they like him. He will be contributing some very nice man oriented collectibles. Vintage fly rods and reels, pocket knives, pocket watches, hard telling what we can get him to part with, if they made it he has at least one and probably two somewhere. (I have three), I just can't find mine. He is very organized I am not, but I can run the computer. Yes the match was made in heaven. We are here to answer your questions any time you have them feel free to call or email. If you are looking for something and it is not listed ,ask ,chances are we have it. Thank you so much for reading about our shop we are happy to be here on Ruby Lane and look forward to providing you with wonderful items to enhance your home and your life.