Jewels of Nomads II

Yasamin Rasouli, Milton, ON, Canada

Member since 2016

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We respond to all orders within 24 hours (unless mentioned otherwise in the announcment box).

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About Us
My name is Yasamin and I extend to you the most cordial welcome to my shop, Jewels of Nomads II. My journey began when I partnered up with collectors in the villages of Afghanistan. I gallivant to my homeland and other places in the Middle East to visit these collectors who gather rare selections of unique and high quality vintage and antique pieces.

I have created a long term relationship with them, and can't wait to discover more of these lovely pieces hidden away in discrete villages and workshops. My collectors strive to collect the most unique products for me while I strive to get these products to you!

Due to being a wholesale business, I'll always have a ton of merchandise for my cherished customers. I have developed a heartfelt passion for being able to work so meticulously with all these ethnic pieces. Selling on Ruby Lane will enable me to reach a global market rather than one limited to my geographic region.

Take a saunter through my shop and discover beautiful vintage and antique pieces.