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About Jewelry Hunters

Our Service Pledge
We stand behind everything that we sell and guarantee customer satisfaction. We will respond to all questions as soon as possible. We normally ship within one business day. Thank you for your business!
About Us
Welcome! We are Bryan & Nona Harrah. We have been buying and reselling jewelry and small vintage items for about 10 years. We love to hand pick vintage treasures and make them available for sale. We deal almost exclusively in jewelry. We sell all kinds of jewelry, from signed costume to gold & silver, to Bakelite, to Native American.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or special requests. Thank you for taking the time to view our store! We value and appreciate your business!

Gold Pricing
Please note that some of our gold items are not priced much above gold and stone scrap value vs. other pieces. Items that are not priced much above those values are priced low to entice a quick sell. Some items are put out low to sell quickly. If those items do not sell quickly, then those items will be priced at a "normal" price level. If a price has gone up on a gold item, then you should have purchased it much sooner than later. I do not participate in Ruby Lane red sale tag events (50% off). We do not over inflate our pricing to be able to participate in those events. We try to keep all of our pricing competitive. We do not scrap high-quality made pieces and we will not sell any of our items online at scrap prices. At any given time, those particular items may be deleted or the price may increase. We go through and review our gold pricing ever so often to stay above the current scrap market value of gold and stones. Overall, gold has been increasing in value. Many of our higher-end pieces are being sold as pieces and they are not solely based on gold and/or stone value. Those pieces are valued as a piece; design, quality, age, designer signed, etc.

Yes, we are willing to ship internationally. We are willing to ship to Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, and a few others. All of our listings are pre-set to USA (domestic), Canada, and Japan. Ruby Lane does not provide a proper breakdown for each individualized country. If you are from Australia, Russia, etc, then please send us a message about shipping. Each individual country has their own import/shipping laws. Most countries require special or individualized shipping methods for items that are made of or contain gold, silver and/or gemstones. Please note that international shipping can be expensive. We will combine shipping. We will only charge you based on what we will be charged. We do not make a cent from international shipping. After PayPal fees and packaging materials, we are loosing money on shipping. Also, please note that import laws differ from one country to another. I will look up your import laws for your country; if you are interested in an item or items, and get back to you ASAP. We will follow all custom laws and we will NOT falsify documentation (custom forms). Shipping costs do NOT include any duties or taxes that you may owe from purchasing items outside of your country. These costs are imposed by your country. Usually, these costs are due upon pickup or delivery and based on the cost of the product(s) that you purchased. Those costs are not shipping charges.
Bryan Harrah
215 Short Street P.O. Box O
South Charleston
OH 45368
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