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About Jennifer Osner Textiles

Hello and welcome to my world of antique textiles! I have been a textile merchant since 1978. I travel worldwide acquiring and selling:
antique ribbon collections, antique lace, and many other types of textiles, findings, buttons, millinery... At times I have purchased entire warehouses of new/old stock. I purchased a millinery shop when I was on a selling trip on the east coast. My customers include: doll costumers and artists, milliners, clothing designers, jewelry designers, and many more.
My antique silk lace was used on Project Runway by the designer Rami Kashou.
A judge on the Supreme Court has one of my lace collars.
My items have been used in movies and TV. Antique fabrics of mine have been used in museums to recreate garments of historical figures and in framing for important works of art.
I have met so many interesting people in my business.
This shop will have many different items but it will have a special focus on Doll-related items. My textiles cover a wide range of periods.
I am so happy for this opportunity to share my passion with all of you!
I am a member of the UFDC.
I have 4 shops on Etsy: