Jelita Arts

Julia Clauset
Bellingham , WA

since 2008

Distinctive Antiques and Collectibles from East and West


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We respond to all orders and queries within 24 hours. We try to research the authenticity of each object we sell through Ruby Lane and only acquire objects through personal buying trips or reputable sources. We adhere to the Ruby Lane Returns Policy.
About Us
Jelita Arts is a great source for antiques and collectibles from China. We have a wide selection of Chinese reverse glass paintings, jade flowers, lacquer boxes, yi xing teapots, Chinese vases, and tea sets to choose from.

Jelita Arts was founded in 2004 in Bellingham, WA. “Jelita” means “beautiful” in Indonesian. Jelita Arts is owned and operated by Julia Clauset and assisted by her husband, Karl. Julia grew up in Asia working in her grandfather’s store and inherited her love and appreciation for antiques from her grandmother. She acquires antiques and collectibles through buying expeditions, reputable importers, and estate sales and auctions. Every object acquired becomes a learning opportunity for research about the object and its context.

Julia is also an artist and she hand paints art nouveau-inspired designs on jackets, vests, porcelain, tiles, and glass. Her current project is creating origami sculptures.
Julia Clauset
424 W. Bakerview Rd.,Suite 105, #368
WA 98226

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