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Arnold Jaffe, Holyoke, MA

Established in 1978 we are specialists in the sale of fine art and antiques.

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About Us
We are Arnold Jaffe and Diane Thurston and have been serving discriminating collectors for 34 years. Our professional name is Jaffe and Thurston. We specialize in 19th and 20th Century American and European art. We also have focused on 19th Century ceramics, including Chinese export porcelain, and American and European cut glass from all periods (early through brilliant period). We left careers in academia and research consulting and have used this background in our approach to our current profession. We do careful and extensive research on the items we sell and have accumulated an extensive reference library to go with our 34 years of experience.

In addition to our concern with authenticity and documentation (extremely important for the sale and collecting of paintings) we have learned to focus on presentation. We have found that paintings always look best in period or appropriate period style frames. Our interest in ceramics and glass began when we opened our business. In these areas we always seek to acquire the best quality available while maintaining reasonable prices. Through our years of exhibiting at top quality antiques shows we built a broad client base many of whom have used our services to establish or fill out their collections. In order to reach out to an even larger client pool we are now turning to the internet as a venue.