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God Gave Us Memories So We Could Have Roses In Winter And Parents Forever

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We respond to all orders within 24 hours. We stand behind everything we sell. If you have any questions about anything in our shop please send us an email. Shipments are. generally mailed out twice per week.
About Us
My items are now in a co-op and there is a small chance that they are not available. I will update sold items evry day.

This is a family collection that started in my Grandmother's house more than 30 years ago. My Grandmother was from England and her home reflected her heritage. She always had beautiful hand embroidered linens and tea was made in a glass tea kettle. Every season change was prepared for. Cool weather calls for indoor comforts. In the fall you closed the veranda and spent your evenings sitting on the davenport.It is almost time to make mince meat pies. My collection has truly been inspired by Nanny.from her beautiful flower gardens to her tiny bird in a cage in the kitchen.But there comes a time when every collection becomes too large. Reluctantly we have made the decision that that time has come. We will be offering pieces of our treasured collection. I hope you will find something to treasure as much as we have. We are not experts. We will try to describe our items as best we can. If you think we have made an error please bring it to our attention. We are finding out how much fun this business is. In our area we have vasts amounts of unusual and designer jewelry. We will continue to pick things up and offer them to you. Come back often because I really believe that we have a treasure trove of unusual objects. Thanks for looking!