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About Inspiration in Jewelry

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I fully stand behind any item I sell to be exactly as I describe it!

About Us

The jewelry of Inspiration in Jewelry, Co. is designed to be uplifting by making available to wear form and color, either abstract or from nature or dance. The rejuvenating effect of nature emanates from the nature-inspired jewelry and uniquely designed abstract form gives harmony and balance. Movement and flow in the dance pieces result from my background of ballet dancing which gives knowledge of dance form. The "artisan" jewelry is designed and handmade in my studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is created of sterling silver, 18K gold, and gemstones. (I desired to have pieces available to a wider variety of people and so I have made some designs with a gold plate or rhodium finish). Old world techniques, such as repousse, are used to create new, copyrighted, designs. Custom pieces for prima ballerinas and royalty, such as the princess of Yugoslavia, as well as promotional jewelry for a bank and for Suzuki Violin have been created in my studio. Some vintage pieces I did not create are also offered in my shop.

Pamela Lorence
Pamela Lorence
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