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About Inner Beauty Queen Vintage Emporium

Our Service Pledge
I do my best to respond to all messages just as soon as I possibly can. All orders will be shipped within 24-36 hours, with the exception of those placed over weekends or holidays (in which case there may be a very slight delay due to postal issues which I have no control over).
About Us
I am a middle-aged substitute teacher and stay-at-home wife and mother. Our family lives on a farm in central Minnesota (United States). I collect all sorts of 'Old treasures,' but my darling husband says that I need to start "sharing" some of my stash with others (because, apparently, it seems that he thinks that I have too much 'stuff'). That's why I decided to set up my Ruby Lane shop -- it would seem that I have a bit of a bad habit of going to estate sales and buying everything in sight (or raising my hand at auction sales whenever I hear absolutely fabulous items just calling out to me to take them home). Then when I get home, to my chagrin, I realize that all of my shelves and cabinets are already FULL (and I'm far too young to open a museum). Sooo . . . here we are!

I am far from being an expert in ANY way, shape, or form when it comes to collectibles and antiques. Consequently, I do my best to read up on any items that I offer for sale, take a bunch of pictures, and describe them to the best of my ability so that you can make your own judgment about them. I try to also include little bits of information about the items in my listings that I may find along the way as I'm conducting "research." I usually put this at the bottom as "extra information" (so as not to clutter up the main part of the listing).

Happy collecting!