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Restored and Revived Vintage & Antique Lighting Fixtures.

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Welcome to Historical Lights !

My name is Emmanuel, i am the founder, fixture hunter, restorer, and photographer of Historical Lights.

Through my passion on the history of lighting, i take pride in bringing back antique and vintage lighting fixtures back to life.

My treasure hunting experiences started few years ago and never stopped since. When i'm not restoring a fixture, i'm on the road traveling looking for original and authentic pieces from the past to add to our collection.

The learning progress in this business is endless and that's what makes it so interesting. I have a strong interest in american fixtures from the early 20th century, especially Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco era. I also have the chance to be surrounded by amazing mentors that shares more than 70 years in knowledge and experience together. I've learned from them everything i know and i am more than thankful for that. All the fixtures restored by Historical Lights has been handle with care and restored with great attention to details.

We are located in a place that we once called la Nouvelle-France. Quebec has a population of 8 million and is located in central Canada. We mostly all speak French, we have incredible snowstorms in winter time and we have short summers. But the most important of all, we have old and beautiful historical places to discover. We have the best of both worlds. A rich history of Victorian and Art Deco era architecture and also an incredible influence of style from our ancestors from France. Which makes Quebec a nest of beautiful antique and vintage finds that can be found in Fleamarkets, estate sales, church basements or wherever our feelings takes us. It's an honor for us through our passion, to be able to share these pieces, to you.

- Emmanuel, Founder of Historical Lights