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About Hildegard’s Toy Emporium

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We respond to all questions and orders within 24 hours and guarantee the 100% authenticity of all our items. Orders will be shipped within 2 to 3 business days in our time zone; we ship trice a week. Handling, worldwide shipping and insurance are included in our prices!

About Us

Hildegard was my Granny and she knew things. She was a milliner, a dress maker, a gardener, a mother and a shaman. She told me stories about time. She was born 1911. So, I grew up with a love for times gone by, in sunlit rooms full of antique lace and the dry smell of old books.
From the beginning I had an eye for aesthetics and a sense for quality items rare to behold now, in the plastic age. No wonder I became a conservator and restorer…And as such I am a purist, always aiming to keep and show as much as possible from the original – often I must do much de-restoring and then I conserve carefully what there is left to be conserved.

My partner and I often call ourselves the “Teddy Bear Rescue Squad”, we love to find old teddy bears, dolls and (mostly) Steiff animals, and we make it our business to clean and restore them like in a spa-hospital. (If there are major surgeries to be done, we always use chocolate fumes for anaesthetics!) Usually the old lovelies stay with us for a while like in a hotel. Sometimes (human) people visiting us see it more like a museum. Some may have an idea that there is more to it; that all these little souls, so very much and so well-loved once, are real. And somebody out there somewhere in this world might miss that bear or this doll like a memory, like a part of their soul, possibly without even knowing it.
Here is where we are coming in: We love to (re)connect old toys to people. We have successfully sold antique and vintage toys to an international audience for many years and have received many hundreds of glowing reviews. You can find us under the name of ShabbyGoesLucky© on Instagram and other platforms.
Here we are proudly presenting our new shop, honouring the memory and name of my fabulous Granny, and excitedly awaiting you, lovers of old toys!
Caya C. Viertel
Theresenstraße 25
Bremen 28203
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