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An antique shop is a magical place where one is kidnapped even just to browse or discover.
Harmattan is born of a passion, one that I have every time I find something and I identify with it, my work starts like this!
n this ancient road, in Recanati, along the road that Giacomo Leopardi used to walk along, and which still runs to reach the square coming from Casa Leopardi, you will find my shop, going down two steps you can share this emotion with me: kits and fabrics of the past, accessories that have made Italian fashion, furnishings and furniture, doors and antique frames.
My name is Laura Zarelli, born in Naples in May 1968, I always lived under Vesuvius. After graduating from high school I attended the Faculty of Architecture at the "Federico II" in Naples and here formed by so much history, art and tradition, my passion develops that pushes me to give life to Harmattan. Partenopea in the soul and Recanatese for love I move to this small, but ancient village, equally rich in history.
Harmattàn is the name of an African, warm wind that reaches Europe And that brings news and past tales, smells, scents and colors, and it is really what animates this my company since 2000.
I wait for you!
Laura Zarelli
Via Roma 19
Recanati 62019

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