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About Old Devil Antiques

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About Us
We have had the good fortune to have been a full time professional antiques dealer for the last 35 years. It has been a great experience.
After my completion of a fine arts degree in sculpture my wife & I started in business with no capital but the soaring optimism of youth by stripping pine furniture. One area of knowledge leads to another and we became market traders dealing in antiques, metal ware, ceramics, works of art & scientific instruments. More recently we have also become interested in watches & jewellery and are now dealing mainly on the internet.

Who could have predicted the seismic changes that have taken place in the world of Antiques over the last 20 years? Whatever happens next I am certain that the appreciation of art & design, the love of history, works of art and culture are an essential part of the human condition providing an inspiration and consolation that will always continue.

A quick word on our trading name of the last 10 years, Old Devil :
We chose the name 'old devil' as a homage to Kingsley Amis & this eponymous satirical novel about the Welsh. It is also intended to be an ironic reference to our advancing years. In the UK it is also used as a comical term of endearment.