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Since my home was directly in the path of Hurricane Irma in Florida, you will find some drastically reduced items in my inventory. There are no damages to any of these items, I am reducing them to raise funds for repairs and reconstruction at this time. If they don't sell during the next couple of weeks, I will return these sale items to their original prices. Thanks for your understanding.

A dealer in fine antiques, jewelry and watches.
For over 35 years, I have sold at prestigious shows like the Miami Beach Convention Center, New York Pier Show, Baltimore and Rosemont (Chicago) Convention Centers. I have also sold at markets like Brimfield and Renningers.
I deal in high quality small items, including jewelry and watches. For a number of years I traveled abroad to purchase difficult to obtain items for my customers.
In 2001, as a commitment to performing accurate appraisals, I also attended and graduated from Florida Auctioneer School.
My strongest background is in Oriental art, European objects of Vertu, Jewelry, and watches. I am a proud member of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors).
"I know Beth as a fellow antiques dealer. We shared booths at some of the more upscale antique shows. Her expertise and knowledge covered several specialized fields: GIA trained Gemologist, talented jeweler, and expert in 18th century antiquities, glass, paintings, and Russian Icons to name a few areas. Her salesmanship and display techniques are impeccable. A simple question about an interesting item will bring a cheerful and detailed response, quite often resulting in a sale. Her pleasant and exuberant demeanor are complimented by her stylish attire. I have had the pleasure of examining a few of her web site designs and it appears that she has brought that same successful style into a completely different venue. She also plays a mean bass guitar. I am pleased and proud to claim her friendship. She is a knowledgeable pleasant and no nonsense businesswoman in a man's world." - David Mycko, Antiquarian and Horologist.