Hallder Vintage

Andrej Hallder, Dolný Lopašov Slovak Republic

Member since 2017

About Hallder Vintage

Good day, thank you for stopping by in my RubyLane shop. While new to RubyLane, experience and customer support gathered on many different selling platforms will be used here as well. You can expect pleasant and smooth transaction in case you will have interest in anything from my collection.

Who am I ?

I am an antique seller from Slovakia -Central Europe. Dealing on Slovak, Austrian and Czech antique markets, as well as auction houses thousands of items came through my hands. Since 2013 I have been selling worldwide and I can proudly announce that items from Hallder now find their home in all corners of the world. A small portion of items also found their place in museums and castles in Central Europe. Expect a quality expertise of items as well as professional customer support.

Once my mentor told me antiques are only for rich folks. While that may be true for high quality art pieces & rarities, I believe that antiques should be for everyone, we all just have to choose the right category for us.

What can You find in this shop ?

From high quality antiques to vintage collectibles. All items are hand picked and come from personal estates, antique markets or from auctions.
Offering mostly objects from Europe in categories such as :
Art Nouveau and Art Déco
Decorative art
Decorative objects
Folk art and Faience,
Porcelain and Ceramics
Rare brusel items ( "brusel" style is the most collectible style created in former Czechoslovakia that originated from brussels world expo in 1958, where Czechoslovakia shined with their modernist touch. While this style is unknown to most of the world I am hoping that I can spread its fame )

Stay in touch for more items in categories :

Silver and silver plate
Historic scientific instruments and optics
Paintings, drawings and prints

Thank you for stopping by once again and for taking the time to read this introduction. Shop with confidence and remember if you have any questions feel free to message or call me.