Poupées de rêves

Daria Coppo
Caserta , Italy , Italy
"Time does not destroy our childhood dreams... Doll of yesterday is a memory, doll of today is a dream"

since 2017

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About Us
We started our business 30 years ago by opening a store of antiques and victorian clothing.
At least 15 years we discovered the wonderful world of antique dolls and we have never again left. We sold dolls all over the world with great satisfaction of our buyers.
From our extensive experience, we are certain to offer a selection of dolls with a very good level for money. The Shop Poupées de rêves it is the representation of all the years of experience and the confirmation of satisfied customers during our journey.
We will always available of customers interested in purchasing our products for clarification and information.
Daria Coppo
Via Ricciardi n° 8
Italy 81100

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