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Besides dealing in books and a few other special items, I am a writer - my latest book being DOGS in ART published by Reaktion and distributed by the University of Chicago Press in the USA. Well reviewed by The New Criterion and The Bark among many others, this is a must for all you dog lovers out therre!!
Available in the usual on-line places and all fine book stores.

I love dogs, both in art and life, so many of my items will feature our canine friends. If you love dogs - my shop is the place to have a browse!

I come from a family of jewelers and so the appreciation of items of beauty has always been with me. Of course, beauty is not necessarily attached to price and so I like to buy things, both great and small, but all of them made by people who are, or were skilled in their own areas, be they master jewelers or scratch board artists.

I have sold items to the Stiftung Moritzburg Kunstmuseum des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt, the Museum fur kinst und gewerbe Hamburg and the Burrell Collection (Costume Museum) in Glasgow among others.

I have traveled all over the world, from Italy to India, from California to Brazil which has given me an appreciation for all the diverse beauty that flowers from differing cultures.

I hope you enjoy seeing, and owning my items as much as I have enjoyed finding them for you.

Travelling has given me an appreciation of the natural world and our environment and I have NEVER & WILL NEVER trade in IVORY, TORTOISESHELL, TIGER CLAW JEWELRY NEITHER WILL I TRADE IN ITEMS FROM CITES II APPENDIX - SUCH AS HIPPOPOTAMUS IVORY, neither will I trade in itens such as MAMMOTH IVORY which despite protestations that it is easy to distinguish from elephant ivory, according to the US Wildlife department the only way to be certain of the ivory's origin is to subject it to identification by a trained scientist. I quote from their E-Ivory-Guide.pdf
"One point which must be emphasized: while the methods described in this handbook are reliable for the purposes described (i.e.: tentative visual identification, and “probable cause” to seize as evidence),
an examination of the carved ivory object by a trained scientist is still necessary to obtain a positive identification of the species source.
We hope that this handbook proves to be useful to you
in your endeavors to protect ivory-bearing species.
Ken Goddard, Director
National Fish & Wildlife, Forensics Laboratory.

Even trading in antique items made of mammoth ivory (actually extremely rare as it is only recently that mammoth ivory has been used as an elephant ivory substitute and so if the item proportes to be antique it is either new, or probably elephant ivory) of this nature stimulates poachers, because they know that if people buy antique ivory, they will buy modern ivory, although of course many dealers in endangerd animal parts will 'age' the item so it appears antique.

Miniature portraits are usually painted on ivory, and dealers who wish to avoid disclosing they are trading in ivory have begun to describe this ivory as 'wafer' 'natural wafer' & 'naturally grained material' . Ox Bone is also often used as an euphemism for ivory. So if you don't want to buy ivory, don't buy these items either!


Michael from the USA who bought a SCARCE 1st Edit of IRELAND 1905. 79 images painted by Francis Walker & text Frank Mathew a BEAUTIFUL BINDING pub A & C Black

The book arrived safely today, thanks so much for sending it so quickly. It’s beautiful and a great addition to my collection.
Thanks very much.

Virginia from the USA who bought an antique oil painting of Dog and Frog

I received the darling painting today. It was in perfect condition- thanks to your stellar packing job! Thanks again for allowing the lay-away and your flawless transactions.

Vladimir from the UK who bought an oil painting of a kitten

I just wanted to let you know that the lovely little painting was delivered today and I am enchanted by it, it is so sweet and even more beautiful than in the photographs.
I would like to thank you for your kindness and the always excellent quality of service you offer your customers.
Dealing with you is always a pleasure.

Kathy from the USA who bought two porcelain plaques dating to c.1800 painted with fabulous flowers:
Dear Susie, The pictures arrived this evening. They are absolutely gorgeous! Your packing was amazing and they arrived in perfect condition.
The one that is repaired...It is very difficult to see the repair. The person who did the work on that one , is a genius. I'm not sure I would have known it was there if you hadn't told me.
Thank you for a great transaction. I really am thrilled with them and they're a wonderful addition to my collection.
Oh yes, the frames are amazing too. The detail on the inner part is so intricate

Rosanne from the US who bought an antique Staffordshire dog:

Got the package today, I LOVE this Staffordshire piece, it's
wonderful! Thanks so much for the extra careful wrapping, truly

Barbara from hawaii who bought a pen and ink of a leopard:

You pack like an angel. I wish everyone would pack that well!
The leopard has arrived safely and is utterly delightful -- I will be having him framed shortly.

Catherine from the USA who bought an oil painting of two terriers:
Hi, the painting arrived - safe and sound thanks to the sturdy carton and careful packing. The painting is exactly as shown on you on-line shop and is in excellent condition for it's age. It's at the framer's now and I eagerly await getting it hung on my wall. You are right, it is a little masterpiece of work. I have looked at a lot of this artist's paintings and I think this is one of his best works if not the best.
Susie Green
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