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since 2019

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About Golden Luis

Active in jewelry sector since 1920', specialized in coral, vintage and fine jewelry
The history of Golden Luis goes back to the 1930s when Mr. Alberto started his small business selling precious stones in a small “bottega” in Naples in Via degli Orefici,in Naples, the traditional district where the core of Neapolitan jewelry trade has been active since the Middle Ages (indeed, Via degli Orefici means the “Goldsmiths’ street”)
After the second World War, when Italy was going through a process of economic growth, Golden Luis, already at the 2nd generation, developed his art of manufacturing of fine jewelry, having the successful vision of fusing together the two most important ancient art for jewelry: the Neapolitan fine jewelry tradition of precious stones and the Coral craftsmanship tradition of Torre del Greco. With this intuition, the Golden Luis group, in the person of Mr. Filippo at that time, specialized in the particular and unique technique of manufacturing together two different type of jewels – the Coral and Precious stones- that had never been fused together before that.
This new concept of jewelry has launched the Golden Luis group in the global market, and from the small “bottega” in Via Degli Orefici in the ‘30s, Golden Luis is now present at the most important international jewelry exhibitions in the world, such as Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Miami, New York etc.
In recent times, a new successful intuition coming from Mr. Filippo's sons, gave a boost to the international brand awareness of Golden Luis. The bothers, indeed, understood the renewed interest in vintage items and antiques, and started to dedicate particular attention to this sector, which they believe it contains not only the preciousness of ancient materials but also the preciousness of their ancient history.
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