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Victorian Mourning pieces are quite rare and can be Vulcanite, Whitby Jet, Bog oak or Gutta Percha.
Jet is a type of petrified wood, produced through a natural process of pressure and water applied to trees from the ancient Araucariaceae family. The hard jet found at Whitby England dates to the early Jurassic period.
Gutta percha is light sensitive and has a tendency to turn brown with exposure to light (and oxygen) over the years. Most of the gutta percha jewelry seen today is brown and not black like it was originally. The color is a clue to its material nature. Gutta percha is also molded, not carved
Vulcanite is the rubber-like substance made from more tree sap mix with sulphur, it will also be molded and not carved.
Some when I can find them are portraits of ancient Goddesses and Gods.
I believe there is a Goddess in every woman and my collection celebrates her in us all.
So from mine to yours, may you wear these rare beauties in good health and much happiness.