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Stella Tomashevich
Dublin , OH
Each jewelry set exists in the quantity of ONE only...
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Unique and unusual jewelry - if this is what you prefer...

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Hello, my dear friends:
You probably guessed that, perhaps like yourself, I am and always had been a jewelry lover - nothing makes your outfit to stand out better than an interesting bracelet, or necklace, or earrings, or all the above... However, no matter what country I visited and what shops I stepped in, I could not get rid of the feeling that the jewelry they offered, dazzling as it might be, is something I had seen before, more than once. Therefore I decided to create a line of accessories where each item is unique, never to be repeated, and belongs to you and only you.
My background is in dancing (that’s why I happened to travel so much). At present I am employed as a style consultant at Saks Fifth Ave, evening wear dept.
To keep my prices affordable I do not normally use precious metals, however I only work with high quality gemstones and the best quality findings available at the market. Please check out my store and wear what you choose with flair and confidence. Thank you and Good luck!
Stella Tomashevich
5097 Glenaire dr
OH 43017
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