Gentle Rattle of China

Willa Latham, London UK

"The sound of the gentle rattle of china cup on china saucer drives away all demons, a little-known fact.” - Terry Pratchett

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Antique and Art Deco porcelain from England, Wales and Ireland


About Gentle Rattle of China

"The sound of the gentle rattle of china cup on china saucer drives away all demons, a little-known fact.” - Terry Pratchett

We provide bespoke Antique Porcelain of the finest quality and in good usable condition. We thoroughly research the history and background of each item and provide care instructions.
Experienced shipper to the USA and East Asia.

Gentle Rattle of China is a childhood dream come true. A long career left me satisfied but ready for something new. One morning I woke up and decided to follow up on a dream I had forgotten I had, and I have never looked back.

My love for bone china started early, with my grandmother serving me tea in a different cup each time I came to visit. I would return wet and cold from my ramblings in the countryside, and she put me by the fire with her reassuring brew. She would tell me stories about the cup we had chosen that day – it might have belonged to some beloved great-aunt, or she might have hunted it down in an auction many years ago. I marvelled at the gracious shapes and abundant flower designs - and imagine my thrill not so long ago when I found the same Charles Wileman cup that was my favourite to drink chocolate from as a child!

Antiques are more than beautiful items; they connect us to where we came from, what made us, and therefore who we are and what we can do in our lives. This sense of connection goes beyond culture or location; the beauty of antiques is universal.

We offer antiques of the highest quality in good usable condition (unless otherwise stated). They will make a fabulous display, are good to use, and of course are unforgettable gifts for a loved one. We thoroughly research each item and will provide a write-up of its history and background. We ship worldwide.

If you are looking for specific pieces, please contact us - we might be able to hunt them down for you.

Enjoy the beauty and let the china rattle!

"Love the detail on this, and the letter which accompanies each GROC item. Arrived very quickly and extremely well wrapped!"

"I bought this antique tea set for my friend as a housewarming / post wedding gift. The moment they opened the box they just loved it so much! Even each item is packed so well and careful which shows a lot of care from the owner. I will for sure buy again for myself in the future. Too beautiful to miss!"

"Absolutely beautiful! Excellent communication and really fast delivery. Thanks so much Willa for great communication and fast delivery from England to Australia."

"Absolutely stunning pieces I will purchase from this shop again, the letter describing the china and how/where it was made was a beautiful touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"